Nutrition and uses of milk powder (dehydrated milk)

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While you may never have used powder Milk Before, it is a useful and convenient form of milk that has a high concentration of nutrients and it is extremely versatile in various culinary preparations.

What is powdered milk (dehydrated milk)?

Milk powder is a type of milk product in which normal milk is allowed to evaporate until it is completely dry, leaving only a powder dense in nutrients. Dehydrated milk has many advantages, mainly because it can not be damaged or damaged, and is much lighter than milk in a completely liquid form. This allows milk powder to be transported much more easily, in a more condensed form, so that only water needs to be added. This powdered milk has been potentially in use for thousands of years, but only about 200 years ago it was produced and was available in some parts of the world.

Although the volume of this dehydrated milk is much lower than regular white milk, it contains all the The nutrients normally found in milk, and can be very useful in various confectionery and culinary preparations. [1]

Nutrition in Powdered Milk

There is a significant amount of nutrients in milk powder, including the 21 primary amino acids that the body needs to create proteins. These powders are particularly high in protein, carbohydrates, calciumY potassium, along with certain amounts of fat, depending on the type of milk powder. In a 2 tablespoon serving of this powder, there are only 26 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and a moderate amount of vitamin D already. [2]

Uses of milk powder

Milk powder has a surprisingly wide variety of uses, including production of infant formula, sauces, yogurt, chocolate, whipped coverages coffee creams, curd, cottage cheese, and in milk baths for inflammation or irritation in the skin. [3] Since all you need to do is add water to this dry milk, you have countless different cooking applications. It can also be used to create masks or add to others cosmetic and beauty products.

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Powdered milk Pros and Cons

While the benefits of powdered milk are clear, there are some things that should be considered before using this variety of milk regularly.

Some of the benefits of this variant of milk include its ease of use as a supplement. Since it can be added so easily to sauces, milkshakesand shakes, many people use milk powder as dietary Supplement if you need a boost of protein or calcium. This variety of milk can also be stored for prolonged periods of timeNo fear of deterioration, and it is also known to be quite profitable for those with low income levels. [4]

However, there are some negative aspects of milk powder, including flavor, that many people describe as too much chalk. Even when mixed with the appropriate amount of Water tastes clearly different from milk that has not dried. [5] In addition, due to the natural nature of the powder, it can be difficult to obtain a smooth mixture of this powder in certain drinks or recipes. This may be less attractive for drinking or cooking, which is a common complaint about the use of milk powder.

Nutrition and uses of milk powder (dehydrated milk), reference:

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