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By Sheryl Walters

One in seven couples has difficulty conceiving, and many experts in the field predict that this could double in the next decade. The increase in infertility rates suggests that the specific factors in modern life are responsible. It is essential to point out these reasons, since there is always a good reason why someone can not have children. Natural health care can help couples get to the root of why they can not conceive and help them have the child they desire.

Increasingly, prospective parents turn to natural medicine when faced with fertility problems. Science is beginning to prove its validity, and people are not only producing their dreamed child, but they are also improving their own health and optimizing the chances of having a healthy baby. Natural medicine is safe, effective and the main side effect is the improvement of well-being. Holistic therapies benefit both men and women, since infertility seems to affect both sexes equally.

We all know the benefits of a healthy diet, but it is imperative that both partners eat the right foods when they try to get pregnant. Food intolerances put stress on the body, leaving fewer resources for conception. The most common foods linked to infertility are gluten, wheat, alcohol and caffeine, although there are others that may be to blame. Having a food intolerance test is a good idea for anyone who wants to get pregnant, especially for those who have difficulties. In general, the diet should consist of fresh foods prepared in the home that contain a variety of vegetables and fruits. Organic foods should be used whenever possible, since they have a higher mineral content and pesticides can be another unwanted stress in the body.

There is a wise saying that zinc puts lead in the pencil! It is vital that vitamins and minerals are abundant in both men and women when working towards conception. Deficiencies can cause a variety of problems in the body, one of them being infertility. Taking a good multi-vitamin and mineral quality is recommended. A vitamin and mineral analysis can help establish if there are any deficits that need additional reinforcement. Some of the most important nutrients for a fertile system are B vitamins, selenium, iron and vitamin E.

There is a lot of evidence that suggests a connection between heavy metal toxicity and subfertility. Lead and cadmium are particularly related to conception problems, in addition to spontaneous abortion, maturity and low birth weight. Other heavy metals such as mercury or aluminum may also be involved. Cigarette smoke (first hand and passive), unfiltered water, canned tuna and old paint are some of the instigators of heavy metal toxicity. Again, it is recommended to perform a screening test through hair analysis or kinesiology to be able to determine the appropriate nutrition and changes in lifestyle for detoxification.

Acupuncture and reflexology have gained recognition for helping many couples to conception. These therapies work on the body's energy systems to create harmony and allow the body to heal itself. Other energy therapies that have been praised by new moms and dads are the techniques of tuina, reiki and bowen, which combat stress and restore balance to the body, increasing the chances of conception.

The radiation of mobile phones has been linked to a low sperm count and other infertility problems, especially in men. Remember to keep the mobiles away from the pockets of the pants and turn them off when possible. Other factors that may cause subfertility are candida, hormonal imbalances, infection, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. A natural medicine professional can advise on how to treat these problems individually, often with the use of herbs.

Natural medicine identifies the imbalances of each unique body, then repairs and nourishes the system, leaving it resistant, balanced and mature for conception. If this were achieved for all, then you could reverse the infertility trend and conceive more babies naturally, as they are designed to be.



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