Nose Hemorrhage – Causes and Home Remedies

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If you have a bleeding nose, there is nothing to worry about. However, this condition can be quite shocking and can scare people around you. There are numerous causes of nosebleeds, such as typhoid fever, excessive rubbing and sneezing, malaria, dry winter air, scarlet fever, injuries, sinusitis, allergies and other infections and respiratory problems. The nose has numerous small blood vessels that can rupture and swell and, in this case, can cause nosebleeds. You do not have to be scared if this happens to you, because you can handle it very easily if you use one of the following remedies:

Nose Hemorrhage - Causes and Home Remedies


If you want to control a nosebleed, you should use ice. This will reduce inflammation and constrict the blood vessels and, therefore, stop the bleeding. Use a cold compress with crushed ice, place it in a plastic bag and cover it with a towel. Keep it in your nose until the bleeding stops, but no more than 15 minutes.

Petroleum jelly

Bleeding from the nose can also be caused by a dry nose because sensitive tissues become irritated. Combat dryness with Vaseline and, at the same time, you can prevent bleeding. Use a cotton ball to apply petroleum jelly. This remedy can also be used for nosebleeds caused by cold, sinusitis or high altitudes.

Vitamin E

This remedy is effective for nosebleeds that occur during dry winters. Use vitamin E oil to apply on your nasal membranes to moisturize them. You can buy capsules with vitamin E in pharmacies and you can break them to extract the oil. Repeat this remedy before going to bed to avoid nosebleeds.

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Bleeding from the nose can also be stopped with the use of vinegar. Use white vinegar and soak a cotton ball and then insert it into the affected nostril. The vinegar is extremely acidic and will constrict the small blood vessels. As a result, the bleeding will stop immediately.

Drinking water

Nosebleeds can also occur if you have a dehydrated body. Your health depends on the amount of water you drink every day, so be sure to consume more than 8 glasses of this fluid a day. During dry summers and winters, it is a great idea to drink large amounts of water to keep your tissues hydrated, including our nostrils. This will prevent nosebleeds.

Vitamin K and Vitamin C

To increase the production of collagen, you should consume vitamin C. This will also prevent the nose from drying out forming a wet lining. Thanks to this vitamin, the blood vessels will function normally and will be stronger, which will make it more difficult to break. Eat lemons, oranges, and other foods that contain vitamin C to prevent nosebleeds. Vitamin K is also extremely important in stopping a nosebleed because it stimulates the blood to clot.

These are just some of the most affordable and easy-to-use home remedies for nosebleeds. You can also make use of a saline spray and steam therapy.

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