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"It is likely that many of you have heard about David Wolfe in 'Food Matters' and some have even heard about the Conference & # 39; Longevity Now '' last year in Costa Mesa, California. I had some friends of mine who attended and all had incredible comments about this extraordinary event, some of the world's leading health experts spoke during this conference, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, John Robbins, Daniel Vitalis, Kevin Gianni, Donna Gates, Nick Ortner, Dr. Mark Merriman, Dr. Sinatra and David Wolfe himself.

We have been in close contact with David Wolfe since we interviewed him for "Food Matters" and we hope to see him again when we start working on our next documentary next February and March. The DVD program "Longevity Now" is being sold on David's website here: and you can continue reading more in the DVD series below. "

In good health,
James colquhoun
Producer / Director 'Food Matters'

About the DVD program "Longevity Now"

During September of last year, more than 1,200 health enthusiasts from around the world gathered at David Wolfe's "Longevity Now" Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. Fortunately, this entire conference was filmed so that those who missed it could access the latest cutting-edge advances in the anti-aging field in this exclusive 16-DVD series.

In this DVD series, the successful author and health speaker David Wolfe along with 15 longevity experts reveal their powerful health strategies on Super Immunity and Detoxification. The life-changing information contained in these video recordings will help you achieve your most important health goals and create an extraordinary quality of life.

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It is guaranteed that this DVD series will inspire, empower and educate you by revealing:

The real reason we grow old and what you can do about it. A simple three-step process to remove heavy metals and toxic chemicals safely and easily from your body. Powerful strategies to fight cancer (according to the National Cancer Institute, 80 percent of cancers are due to factors that can be controlled) The master hormone that promotes sexual health and longevity. The best way to keep the gallbladder healthy. (More than 500,000 gallbladder surgeries are performed every year in the United States each year). The best (and least expensive) food you can eat to maintain a healthy thyroid (27 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism) The surprising and unique source of food considered one of the most miraculous herbs in China that is powerfully anti-aging. The dirty secret that the bottled water industry is hiding … and how it is affecting your health. The myth of cholesterol and the consequences of falling for it. Why men who do not cry are 80% more likely to get coronary heart disease. The importance of hormonal health and the fundamental role it plays in weight loss, proper digestion, the way the body stores fat and energy levels. The most important test you should take to make sure your body receives the nutrients it needs. Simple and effective health strategies to overcome insomnia, hot flashes and sexual dysfunction. How to restore the balance of insulin by incorporating these four simple protocols. The secrets of ancient Chinese herbalism that restore and rejuvenate the operating systems of your body. Delicious and nutritious elixir and raw food recipes that are replete with superior nutrition. The number 1 health supplement that is harming you … and what you should be taking instead

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To learn more about David Wolfe's DVD program
or to request a copy, visit the "Longevity Now" website here:


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