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As we all know, smoking is harmful to our health, but 20% and more than 20% of the world population (more than a billion people) consume cigarettes and other tobacco products in which 800 million smokers are men and this list grows day by day. It is also the reason of death for many patients. Many of these deaths related to smoking occur in patients with heart disease or heart attacks. If a pregnant woman smokes, then it can be a reason for the illness and death of her children.

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Today, we are here to give you some home remedies you can use to quit smoking. But first of all, we must understand what ingredients are available in cigarettes and why we are addicted to these things:

Smoking includes nicotine, a type of medication that makes it very difficult to stop smoking because of your habit. Smoking contains tobacco that damages lung / blood cancer and premature death.

If you are not a smoker until now, it is my personal suggestions that do not even try. Accept this type of dirty habit for the sake of anything, and if you are a smoker and want to copy this addiction. Then do not worry, we are here to tell you some home remedies that will cost you less. These treatments will help you recover your body from past smoking habits.

Home remedies to stop smoking that is easier to implement:


Water is the first and most important home remedy that helps you get rid of cigarettes. Water eliminates the harmful symptoms of your body and prevents you from detoxifying your health. When you feel like smoking a cigarette, simply drink plenty of water. It will help you cope with smoking habits by decreasing desire.


Ginger is very useful in several types of health-related problems. It also helps stop smoking because it contains many antioxidants that prevent your body from reacting and producing allergies. You can drink ginger juice, two or three small nails and eat it regularly, many types of changes you look at yourself.

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Cardamom is a type of home remedy that is readily available in your kitchen. When you feel like smoking, take two or three cardamom seeds and chew it. You feel so relaxed and comfortable.

Herbal cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes help protect you from nicotine because it has zero percent nicotine and consists of some herbs such as cinnamon, lemongrass, vanilla, mint, etc. It is made from a variety of flavor combinations that every person wants to try. Give up smoking.


Honey is not only the best remedy to eliminate the habit of smoking, but also helps to shape the body. It contains many antioxidants, enzymes, proteins that make honey valuable to add to your daily routine. Honey also protects your body from serious injuries. It reduces the effect of the cigarette and protects it from an effect of nicotine.


Valerian is a type of herb that helps you quit smoking. It also protects you from various types of disorders such as insomnia, sleep-related disorders, lack of sleep, etc.


You can add a grape juice in your daily diet that prevents nicotine. You can take an alternative to grape seeds that keep you away from lung cancer and various heart-related problems that can be created by smoking.


Radish is a type of home remedy that is easily available in your home. You can grate a radish and make a juice with a little sugar or honey or the flavor that you like and drink it three times in a day; You feel so relaxed about it.

Add some vitamins

You should add some vitamins to your diet that protect you from health related problems. Vitamin A is useful for our retina and maintains the power of the muscles. Vitamin C contains many antioxidants that prevent many diseases. You can add some drinks or juices that contain enough vitamin C, such as orange juice and pineapple juice or other citrus fruits, and vitamin E repairs the harsh cells in your body.

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Peppermint is one of the natural home remedies to help you stop smoking, which creates many problems related to stress or depression, muscle weakness, headache and tensions. It is also a relief that your pain comes from back pain, muscle pain, anxiety and much more.

Indian tobacco

Indian tobacco is one of the best home remedies you should try to stop smoking. You can take it in liquid form or make an Indian tobacco tea that will help you get rid of the desire to smoke cigarettes. Do not forget that you should not take an overdose, just take a small amount of Indian tobacco and only for a short time.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper is one of the best home remedies that protects you from smoking. Include this in your food that helps reduce the desire to smoke and addicted things.

Several types of home remedies are useful for quitting smoking as Oat seeds, Korean ginseng, motherwort, catnip, hyssop, etc. You must try all these types of home remedies in the proper manner described above, take two or three on a regular basis.

Trust me: you will feel so good, relaxed and comfortable because these products keep you active and your cost is also negligible. Daily home products can be used to quit smoking. These herbal products and home remedies have no side effects.

Finally, I hope you understand that it is necessary to stop smoking and that you will apply the home remedies above. Do not forget to share your home remedies (that work for you) and your experience in using home-based products with us. If you have any questions regarding home remedies or wish to make a suggestion, place in the comment box and we will respond with the answer.

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