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From time to time, we must abandon our unhealthy lifestyle and try a detoxification session to eliminate all the toxins from our body. The food we are eating, the white nights, the stress, all this is affecting our organisms day by day. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be happy with our body and our achievements, we must take care of our liver. But how should we do that? Let's tell you why the liver is so important for a healthy lifestyle and what we should do to clean it of toxins.

liver detoxification

The role of the liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It helps you filter everything from the food you eat to the drinks you drink. It also helps you eliminate toxins that are harmful to your health and helps other organs to function properly.

The decisions you make regarding your diet can affect the way your organs work. You can easily damage liver functions by eating processed foods in excess or by drinking alcohol. Even pollution can affect your liver. You should try to stay away from stress and foods that you know are harmful.

The best options for your liver.

When choosing what to eat, you should think about how it will affect your body. Here are some foods that will protect your liver and make it healthier.

The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric It will help your body stay away from infections and keep your liver running to keep toxins away from your body. Garlic It will help your immune system fight infections and diseases and will release enzymes that will protect your liver. Chard, carrots Y Spinach eliminate harmful toxins and protect the liver to function properly. Cauliflower Y broccoli It has the same effects on your body. The consumption of Green Tea Y Water It is the best treatment for your liver. It will help your liver filter out all the toxins accumulated in your body and keep it hydrated. Dandelion root Y avocado It can also be very useful. They can protect your liver and help it function properly.

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How to purify your liver

We have a recipe that will help you maintain proper liver function without harmful and expensive treatments.

Will need:

1 spoonful of turmeric 2 leaves of aloe vera 1/2 l cold water juice of 1 lemon

Begin by squeezing the aloe vera pulp and then mix with the other ingredients. Take this shake in the morning before your meal and, in a few days, you will begin to feel better.

Always try to have a healthy diet that protects not only your liver, but your entire body. Stay away from processed foods and try to include more fruits and vegetables in your meals.

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