Natural alternatives to aging by Dr. Christiane Northrup

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The idea of ​​aging can be quite daunting for some people. We might ask ourselves, "How can someone become a goddess without age?"

Aging is designed to be an opportunity to increase your value and competence. As for the musicians and many artists, that is precisely what happens. These creative individuals are involved in eternal efforts that connect them to their souls, their source of energy, which is also immortal and ageless.

We learn from our families and cultures how to move through time, what to expect, and are the beliefs we have inherited about what it means to grow old is the main reason why this process is discouraging.

We embarrass people after the so-called middle age, especially women, by saying things like "a woman of a certain age". The first thing to do is to realize that these beliefs, although common and unbridled, are just beliefs. They have nothing to do with what our biology is capable of doing.

We all know that 70-year-olds are more vital than many of those in their 40s. We also know that 25-year-olds are 70 in terms of their less optimism and enthusiasm. I call this world premature fatigue.

We must identify our "cultural portals" that agree with the milestones and examine what they mean to us. Take "retirement age" …

This was established in 1880 by Otto Von Bismarck in Germany. The meaning of retirement for many is "end of life and contribution".

In medicine, we tell people who need their first screening colonoscopy at age 50, as if suddenly at age 50 their colon is at risk. We identified 50 as the portal where people suddenly identify themselves as entering "the beginning of an inevitable chronic degenerative disease".

Hence, gerontology is the study of the pathology of aging. When you study healthy centenarians from around the world, you do not find that they share any of the characteristics of most people. Only 20% of what happens to us as we get older is genetic.

Beliefs are much more powerful. The first step is to change your beliefs and your language. Start looking for role models that challenge what culture gives us.

The visible side effects of aging can cause women to spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty products.

Attitude is so important. Thinking of yourself as an immortal goddess is the first thing you can do.

Here is an exercise for you to practice at home. Have a full-length mirror and a candle ready

Light the candle in a dark room Now look at the parts of your body that look beautiful in the candlelight The more you can appreciate them, the more your skin will glow The more you start to like what you see

It is also important that you really support your body hormonally and nutritionally. Those with vitamin D levels in the optimal range (40-80ng / ml) have half the risk of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer and bowel cancer than those with suboptimal levels.

We have all been told about exposure to the sun due to skin cancer. However, 100 more people die of heart disease each year than of skin cancer.

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When you enjoy sun exposure regularly to maintain the health of your body and bones, it is also essential that you keep your face covered and use adequate protection against UV rays.

I formulated a particular supplement using the Pueraria Mirifica herb (Thai For Miracle Herb) that has been used for 700 years in Thailand as a "fountain of youth"

This herb contains a very potent phytoestrogen that keeps skin and all organs sensitive to estrogen young, moist and resistant.

For men, it protects the prostate. Since the herb acts as a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), it sits on the estrogen receptor Beta and protects the breast and uterus (or prostate) from overstimulation of the estrogen of mammals. I consider that this particular supplement (or other phytoestrogens found in foods) are very useful in giving the body a substrate to help with hormonal balance and health naturally.

It is also important to move your body regularly. Dr. Joan Vernikos, former Chief of Life Sciences at NASA, discovered that weightlessness in space is a model for aging. When astronauts return from space, their bone density, cardiac output, lung capacity and balance deteriorate. It turns out that a little time in gravity returns health to people. It also turns out that sitting and not moving through gravity imitates weightlessness. This therefore symbolizes a cause of aging and deterioration.

Vernikos' book 'Sitting Kills, Moving Heals' sums up quite well the fact that we need to move regularly. Sitting down is the new smoking.

Here are some anti-aging rituals that you can implement in your own life.

Begin each day by aligning with the source energy (GOD as you understand it). Say something uplifting like: "Today I align myself with the Divine Light of the Universe. I ask this force to work through me for the manifestation of my best and highest expression and that of everyone else. " Breathe completely and regularly. Holding your breath or breathing only through your nose are stress reactions. Tell your body to enter a "fight or flight" mode. They create an excess of stress hormones that leads to cellular inflammation. Tip: Put regular sticky notes on your mirror, on your refrigerator, on your phone, on the dashboard of your car, which they say BREATHE. Then take five deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the nose. This will instantly activate your central nervous system of "rest and restoration" and return it to the center. Look for things to appreciate. Earlier this year I was inspired to start a practice called 365 Thankful. I decided to make an Instagram video per day to share with my community. At first I was worried that I would have run out of things to be grateful for. As this practice has continued (as I write this, I am on day 139), I have discovered that my perception has changed. Now that I'm in my day, I'm really looking for all the things that bring me joy and gratitude. How my cat looks when he sleeps, the tulips in my garden, the way the leaves come out in spring with that incredible green spring color. We know that gratitude and kindness actually help metabolize stress hormones in the body and also change the shape of blood vessels. We increased the super neurotransmitter known as nitric oxide. There are so many benefits and, better yet, it costs nothing. Sleep. A solid 8 hours per night is a regime of incomparable beauty. To sleep well and wake up rested is the most powerful way in the world to digest the excess of stress hormones, which are the main cause of all chronic degenerative diseases. Women around the world fear menopause. Menopause is the beginning of a life directed by your soul, not the dictator of your tribe or family. Interestingly, in both men and women, the age of 42 is the Opposition of Uranus in astrology. Uranus is the great alarm clock.

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This time it means a wake-up call when you finally get up from the "family trance" and finally start living life on your own terms. If you do not, then the probability of illness increases dramatically. We call this the "crisis of middle age", but in reality it is only your own soul that knocks on the door of your ego saying "WAKE UP", do not fall asleep. Life could be much more fun and interesting than it is now if you dare to risk it!

So, in women, this period of time is associated with the beginning of the periods of omission, the hormonal result is that the areas of the brain associated with the old memories (the amygdala and the basal forebrain) begin to be stimulated. So many women remember past experiences. All this is part of the healing that is necessary to move forward. If you have been "asleep at the wheel" and simply blame your symptoms on the hormones, then you lose a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and really flourish.

Our society has brainwashed us to think that menopause is the beginning of the end

However, in truth, it is a new beginning. The Chinese call 60 years, the second spring. The spring of the second half of your life.

Now, if you add this to the cultural portal information and learn how to reverse the process of deterioration, then you really have the means to create a new life. At the age of 42, you have some real skills on board that you simply did not have before.

This biologically coded opportunity for change and growth is the basis of my book "The Wisdom of Menopause."

Remember, everything will work better than you ever dreamed. In the next few years, you will see that each test, pain and obstacle were designed for your benefit. You will be so happy and proud of yourself. You will be happy with the outcome of your life. Just take one step and then the next. Follow your heart. You can not really make a mistake.

What steps to follow to grow old gracefully?


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