Myths about home dialysis treatment you should know

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In recent decades, living a longer life was just a thought, but the momentum in medical science has allowed humans to live a longer and healthier life, and part of this is only due to home dialysis treatment . In addition, an individual who suffered from total organ failure or perhaps an organ failure failed to survive, but thanks to this treatment, survival has become a reality.

In addition, there are some questions about dialysis in the home and the certainty about how it would work. Since many of our ancestors did not have enough knowledge on the subject; This created a certain mythology that we did not know. Now, let's find the five common myths associated with home dialysis treatment.

one. It is known that dialysis treatment of any kind will be painful. But, the fact is that you're not going to experience any kind of pain during treatment. There have been cases where people may feel low blood pressure, which can cause vomiting, headaches and nausea, but this is not the case for all patients.

two. Many people think that when they start treatment, they may get stuck at home. Travel with dialysis It is very possible that through planning you have to make a preliminary reflection and, therefore, the rapid road trips are affected. In addition, domestic dialysis machines have a travel case and, therefore, travel is never a problem. You can also get along with the dialysis equipment so that all the materials are delivered before you go on a trip.

3. There is a myth that you can no longer work, but the fact is that dialysis does not take away your independence. Going to work or office is still very possible until there is a high level of danger in your life. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid this myth.

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Four. Many people feel that dialysis is expensive and they can not afford it, but the fact is with the help of the state and federal government and maybe health. Insurance is something that can not be paid. However, if you feel that you are suffering from financial problems, there are multiple resources that can help you in this perspective.

5. Many people feel that they are not important enough to listen to, but the fact is that a flow of emotions can affect the patient going to treatment. center or who are receiving treatment at home due to various circumstances. These emotions can be included as if nobody listened to them, and their conversation point does not matter at all. You should bear in mind that patients who undergo dialysis are listened to in addition to providing them with the proper care and attention.


Home dialysis treatment is by death sentence. With the help of this, the people whose lives may have ended, are still living a productive life. By making an adequate consultation with the doctor, who could ideally be involved in your treatment and potentially lead you to a better life.

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