Modified Lothrop procedure: cure for nasal problems

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Modified Lothrop procedure -Draf III with full house FESS – Revolutionary management for recurrent Allergic nasal polyposis and fungal sinusitis:

AbstactThe surgery of choice for recurrent allergic polyps and fungal sinusitis is the surgery of choice for recurrent allergic polyps and fungal sinusitis. The wide opening of all sinuses not only allows the complete elimination of the disease process, but also allows the post to reach everyone. The corners, so that the antigenic stimulation is reduced to the maximum, drastically reducing the recurrence rate.

Allergy is an abnormally high sensitivity to certain substances, such as pollen, food or microorganisms. Common indicatedors of allergy maThey include sneezing, itching, sfamily rashes

Nasal allergy It leads to nasal polyposis, which are abnormal growths inside the nose that can completely block the entire nasal cavity. It also blocks the olfactory area. (on the roof of the nose)leading to lack of odor, And therefore the taste too. It is especially dangerous for those who are in the kitchen since you can not detect a gas leak.

Nasal allergy can also lead to fungal sinusitis that could be dangerous, as it can erode the surrounding bone, and invade the nephi.ghBlurry structures like the eye.,And the brain leads to serious complications.

The medications are there to control the allergy, but not to eradicate it.

Surgery also (FESS-Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) can only control the disease. It only removes the disease., Y open the breasts But it can not reach the lateral aspect. (sides) Especially in the frontal sinuses, which has proven to be the main cause of recurrence. further The openings we make are done.owed to almost 30% after 1 year, further worsening the situation because the post-operational showers (which is a mixture of saline and local steroids) or the aerosols that must be administered for life, will not reach all corners. These showers / sprays prevent recurrence by reducing antigenic stimulation, although allergy may persist. But with such narrowed openings wil medicinesl Do not get to the targeted sites!

So eSurgery has been compared so far giving medicines in dDiabetes or hypertension. It did not eradicate the disease, but only controls it, and recurrence was an accepted sequel after 4-5 years on average.

Here in the new procedure., ( Modified Lothrop procedure or Draf III procedure), We drill the floor of the frontal sinus, anterior to the first olfactory fiber, behind, which is the thinnest part of the base of the skull separating from the brain- the cribriform plate, remove 1 square cm of the nasal septum and reach all corners of the frontal sinus, which was not possible with conventional endoscopic surgery.

This is combined with a full house Sphenoethmoidectomy, that is, opening of the ethmoidal sinuses, & SPhenoid breasts that are located between the eyes and behind them.

Hhere in this New procedure, fact only in a few centers in the country, Although we can not completely eradicate the allergy, the aftermath. of allergy That is, the ployps and fungi are not only eliminated completely, but also the post operative llong showers will reach all corners, since wopenly open all these breasts (Especially the frontal sinus up to 2cmX1.5 cms. instead of the 4-5 mm in Endoscopic sinus surgery endoscopy.).

So the antigenic response to allergy is. drastically reduced, leading to around 15% recurrence (against 100% recurrence with conventional FESS).

This will surely revolutionize the management of the condition otherwise not addressed very effectively.

Read the full article "Modified Lothrop Procedure: Cure for Nasal Problems" written by Dr. George George Varghese at here: -nasal -ediciones-1748 / post

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