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There are six common complaints of the eyes.

Six common eye complaints

The following common eye complaints often occur with age. In most cases, they can be easily treated. Sometimes, they signal a more serious problem.

Presbyopia (prez-bee-OH-pee-uh) is a slow loss of ability to see near objects or small letters. It is a normal process that happens as you get older. Signs of presbyopia include keeping your reading materials at your fingertips or Headaches Or tired eyes when you read or do another job nearby. Reading glasses can often solve the problem. The floats are small spots or specks that seem to float in your eyes. You may notice them in well-lit rooms or outdoors on a bright day. The floats can be normal. But sometimes they are a sign of a more serious eye problem, such as retinal detachment. This is usually the case if you see flashes of light along with floats. If you notice a sudden change in the type or number of points or flashes, consult your visual health professional immediately. Tearing (or having too many tears) may be due to being sensitive to changes in light, wind or temperature. Tear can also come from having Dry Eye. Protecting your eyes (wearing sunglasses, for example) can solve the problem. Sometimes the tear can mean a more serious eye problem, such as an infection or a blocked tear duct. Your eye care professional can treat both conditions. Diseases and conditions of the cornea can cause redness, watery eyes, pain, reduced vision or a halo effect. the cornea It is the clear and domed "window" in the front part of the eye. It helps to focus the light that enters the eye. Diseases, infections, injuries, toxic agents and other things can damage the cornea. Treatments include changing your eyeglass prescription, using eye drops or, in severe cases, having surgery, including corneal transplantation. Corneal transplant is a common treatment that works well and is safe. Eyelid problems can come from different diseases or conditions. Common eyelid complaints include pain, itching, tearing or sensitivity to light. Eyelid problems can often be treated with medication or surgery. Conjunctivitis (also called pink eyeIt occurs when the tissue that covers the eyelids and covers the cornea becomes inflamed. It can cause itching, burning, tearing or the feeling that something is in your eye. Conjunctivitis It may be due to allergies or an infection. Infectious conjunctivitis can spread easily from one person to another. It is a common problem of the eyes that your eye health professional can treat.

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