Melt the disease from your body using nothing more than the tips of your fingers: the healing codes?

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There is a new frontier in healing that does not involve the use of drugs or conventional medical treatments. It is called energy medicine, healing codes and is defined as a branch of alternative medicine that focuses on the use of the human energy field for healing.

Energy medicine is gradually becoming the mainstream.

Even Dr. Mehmet Oz, also known as the "Doctor of America," recently stated on Oprah's show and in his number one success in the New York Times, "You," that energy medicine is a legitimate healing modality and effective, and the next great frontier in medicine.

The healing codes, discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001, employ the best energy medicine. It involves the use of the fingertips of both hands pointing to one or more of the 4 different energy centers of the body that nobody knew existed until 8 years ago. alternative therapies for cancer

The science behind The Healing Codes is pretty convincing. When you use the healing codes in yourself, the internal stress caused by cellular memories (which is believed to be the cause of 98% of all diseases) disappears completely. And when that internal stress disappears, so does the disease. This has been scientifically proven by the use of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the only reliable medical device to measure stress in the nervous system.

Here is some background: cellular memories, as the name implies, are memories that have been imprinted on cells as a result of life experiences. Within the body of any human being, there are almost always traumatic experiences from early childhood (or beyond) that are stored in the cells of the body, and such cellular memories are like small radios of transistors that transmit patterns of destructive energy within the body and cause diseases. , chronic pain and most importantly, turn off the body's immune system. ??

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"Our best hope for curing incurable diseases and diseases in the future could be to find a way to heal destructive cellular memories," says Dr. John Sarno, a professor at New York University School of Medicine. And he continues: "If you can cure that cellular memory, then it is very likely that the disease or chronic pain will be cured."

That is exactly what the healing codes do.

When you use your fingertips to point to one or more of the 4 energy centers in the body (there is a specific code for each disease), it effectively erases the destructive cellular memories of your body and in doing so, makes your immune system I am back. in. "And when your immune system is working properly, it's impossible to get sick," says Dr. Alex Loyd.

Even if you are already sick, once you eliminate the internal stress caused by those destructive cellular memories, your immune system will start functioning the way it is supposed to, and there is nothing the body can not cure.
Since then The codes of healing were discovered, miraculous cures have become an everyday occurrence among its thousands of users around the world. All known diseases have responded well to this natural therapy, including the so-called incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS and Lou Gehrig's disease. The Healing Codes organization has accumulated hundreds of pages of testimonials from people who have been cured of all diseases ranging from acid reflux, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, herpes, emphysema (and even uterine fibroids) ), even psychological problems such as anxiety or clinical depression. .
Mark Victor Hansen, the best-selling author, best known for his book series Chicken soup for the soul, whose cousin was miraculously cured of cancer after using The codes of healing, he was urged to say: "Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in today's world: it will revolutionize health, it's the easiest way to improve and stay fast." Dr. Alex Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time! "?

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The beauty of The codes of healing is that anyone, even a child of 7 years, can self-administer the technique of simple healing at home in just 8 minutes. Click here to get the full history of the healing codes.

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