May Film Club – Raw Food For Life: Serving Love

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We constantly seek answers to our chronic health conditions, we look for ways to cope with our rapidly increasing levels of stress and anxiety, or we seek ways to obtain greater vitality, energy and enthusiasm for life.

The answer has been sitting there in front of us. It is the food that we eat.

In the last movie to hit FMTV, Raw foods for life: serve love, Natalie and Stuart Mcintosh, supporters of raw foods, share their personal story of a life dependent on medication, plagued by anxiety and depression to an abundance of energy and clarity. How? Simply reexamining what they were eating and switching to a plant-based diet.

In this film, Natalie and Stuart McIntosh are associated with Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Malcolm Mackay, former Vice President of CitiBank Phillip Wollen OAM, veteran athletes who have a world record, Janette and Alan Murray, and others, for bring him a movie It shares the stories of people who have experienced profound health benefits through changes in diet and lifestyle.

Raw Food For Life: Serving Love - an FMTV documentary


Tags: films, Lifestyle, organic, sustainability

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