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Ginger is full of macro and micronutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. It is even classified as one of the healthiest spices in the world according to the The healthiest foods in the world.

There are many reasons to incorporate ginger into our daily eating patterns. Not only does it provide a distinctive aroma and flavor to our food, but it also provides many health benefits.

Here are 10 that you simply need to know about:

1. The digestion of AIDS

By increasing digestive fluids and saliva, ginger helps increase the capacity of the stomach. gastric motility, which allows it to help in digestive problems.

2. Help with inflammation

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate the symptoms of Arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism..

3. It calms the nausea.

Ginger helps calm dizziness, prevents morning sickness and it is also recommended for those who experience Nausea induced by chemotherapy.

4. Help in the repercussions of diabetes

Ginger has a naturally low GI and helps to help in the implications of diabetes reducing serum glucose levels Y maintain blood sugar levels. It also helps lower blood pressure and Low cholesterol.

5. Herbal medicine for Alzheimer's disease

In traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and spices that contain high levels of phytochemicals such as ginger are used as preventative for Aging without Alzheimer's.

6. Antihistamine and decongestant.

Ginger helps decongest cold and flu symptoms while relieve headaches and sore throat.

7. Help to lose weight

Ginger can act as a fat Burner Maintaining satiety, which means you feel full longer.

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8. Treat heartburn

Ginger inhibits acid reflux, helping to calm the effects of heartburn better than some medications.

9. Improves nutrient absorption

Ginger helps activate enzymes in the body that assimilate the absorption of essential nutrients.

10. Reduces flatulence

Due to the ability of ginger to aid in digestion, it also relieves the symptoms of flatulence.

Another fantastic thing about ginger, besides benefiting our health, of course, is the flavor it brings to our food. Whether it's sweet or salty, there's always a great way and a great reason to incorporate ginger into our diets!

What is your favorite way to include ginger in your diet?

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