Make your hair wavy at night, naturally

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Wavy hair has always been in trend. Soft waves make each person look good. There are several ways to get wavy hair. However, most forms include ironing the hair. This can result in permanent hair damage. With this article, we bring you simple and natural ways to make your hair curl overnight. Now, get healthy, wavy hair without any ordeal.

Ways to get naturally wavy hair

Method 1:

You can get wavy hair by simply twisting your hair. You need:

Before sleeping at night, you should spray your hair so that it is slightly moistened. Separate your hair from the middle, twist a part and place it on top of your head. Repeat the same for the other party. Save it until morning and open it. You have wavy hair.

Method 2:

A headband can make your job easier.

Get a headband that fits your head. Separate your hair the way you want it and put on the headband. Now, you can lightly moisten your hair (not much) and start with a separate side of the hair. Choose a strand from one side and rotate it. Place the braided hair roll in the headband. Repeat this for all the threads on one side. Then take the other part of the hair and do the same. Once you have finished rolling up your hair, you can adjust your band if you wish. There should be no loose strands, and you have all the strands of hair twisted and tucked in the band. You can use clips to put them together. Wake up in the morning and open it. You will have wavy hair.

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Method 3:

Make mini buns of your hair.

You need to separate your hair vertically now. So you have two parts, one in the top that you tie in a ponytail and another in the bottom. You start with the bottom. Wet it a little and divide it in two. Take a part and make a mini bun and tie it. Do the same for the other party. Take the top ponytail and repeat the same, that is, part in two and make two mini buns. You have four mini buns in total. Now you can have a quiet sleep and say hello to beautiful wavy hair.

Method 4:

Make a big bun with your hair. You can do this with the help of a big band or use a sock to make a bow.

Wearing a sock to make a bow can be useful. Take a sock that you do not use, cut it from below and you'll get something that works like a big rubber band and will keep your hair together. Now, you need to tie your hair in a ponytail. Spray it wet and use the sock ring or a huge rubber band to make a bun. All you need to do is slip the sock ring into your ponytail, and tuck the hair on the back. You get a big bun. Make sure not to leave our hair loose outside, as this can result in an irregular appearance. It is important to remove the hair from the bun very slowly in the morning. If you squeeze it tightly, you could tear the strands from your hair. Once you finish loosening your hair, you will get beautiful wavy hair.

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Things to remember:

These methods work on smooth or normal hair. In case you have curly hair and want waves, you should first straighten your hair and then follow the above methods. You can also use curlers for soft waves, but in the long run they damage your hair. In case you have dry or short hair, you can spray it a little, use gel or spray before shaking your hair or after you have finished with the waves. If you want faster waves, you can braid your hair and open it after a while.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these ways to make your hair curl overnight and shine at every meeting or party that goes next time.

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