Losing weight – hormones vs. calories

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In this article, I would like to clarify the difference between the hormonal factor approach and the strategy that most dietitians use to lose weight. I am regularly criticized by people who have not read my book. I never said that calories are not important, that the First Law of Thermodynamics is total nonsense, and that you can drink liters of flavored dairy products without gaining weight while your hormones are balanced. Hormones do something with calories!

Losing weight> Calories

Many dietitians use calculators to estimate caloric intake and energy use by means of simplified methods. In the end, the use of energy must be greater than the energy consumption, if you want to lose weight.

With regard to energy intake, certain values ​​are used for the consumption of food by humans. In short, a human being can ingest 9 kcal of 1 g of fat and 4 kcal of 1 g of protein or carbohydrates. This is an estimate, since it varies from one person to another how much is absorbed, depending on your intestinal function and metabolic capacity.

The energy consumption is calculated using a formula. A very important part of this formula is the use of energy while resting. This is estimated on the basis of muscle mass and / or age.

In summary, this calculation is not so precise. However, even if necessary, the human body will function differently when it comes to calories. This calculation is based on the assumption that it does not matter what sources of food are consumed to provide these calories and that the body is a simple garage box where calories are stored before they run out.

When using this method, the pitfall is to eat too few calories and burn too many, as is the case in the shock diet and prolonged training sessions. The rebound effect of these shock methods will eventually lead to the yo-yo effect, which is the simple reaction of the body to activate the survival mechanism. This is a normal hormonal and mental reaction, which this dietary concept does not take into account. Other issues that are not taken into consideration in this concept include: what happens to the percentage of fat in the body when taking prednisone or anabolic steroids while the energy balance remains the same?

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Obviously, there is more to the story than just the intake of calories, the output of calories. What happens in the body with these calories? Most people are not interested in losing weight, but in reducing their fat percentage.

Losing weight> Hormones

The way the body deals with energy is affected by hormones. In turn, hormones are affected by our lifestyle. The hormonal factor describes how we can affect our hormones through our lifestyle, that is, diet, exercise, stress reduction and mental aspects.

Used energy

By far, the most important contribution to the body's energy use is the basal metabolism, or the use of energy while resting. Dietitians often consider this as a constant factor, depending on the weight of the dough and the age without fat. When I look at the hormonal system, the thyroid gland plays a central role in this. There are substantial individual differences in the function of the thyroid gland from one person to another. Therefore, I do not consider basal metabolism to be a constant factor. The combustion of the pilot flame of the thyroid also depends on the stress and the feeding and training behavior of the person.

In the case of fast diets with an extremely low carbohydrate consumption, the thyroid gland can slow down, which also reduces the metabolic rate (decrease of free T3 and increase of the reverse T3 in the blood). There are also other causes for a thyroid gland that slowed down. For example, autoimmune diseases and other problems of the thyroid gland. However, in practice, I've noticed that almost everyone who has a slightly slow thyroid gland can lose weight, it can rarely be used as an excuse. Those who gain weight often eat more in an attempt to counteract the feeling of apathy that occurs in case of shortage of thyroid hormones. A good intake of calories and not an extreme reduction of carbohydrates are important to maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Another way to increase the basal metabolism is to create additional muscle mass.

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Energy store

Whether we use more energy than we eat or not, it is more important to find out how fat, muscle and glycogen stores are affected. Many people would agree to consume more energy and use it, if these calories were used to create muscles instead of fat. What we do not want if more energy is used than ingested, is that it burns a valuable muscle mass to supply this energy, while the fat stays where it is. Hormones are involved in the way energy is stored in the body. For example, testosterone and growth hormone will ensure the storage of more energy in muscle mass, in relative terms.

Hunger and satiety

Hormones affect feelings of hunger and satiety. The current food industry is very interested in making us feel more hungry, which leads us to buy more of their products. The sugars, aromas and aromas are added to the food products to alter the hormones that affect our feelings of hunger and satiety. Many people who eat according to the hormonal factor eat to satisfy their hunger and automatically eat less. This makes this method so easy to follow compared to regular diets that restrict calories, which require a lot of discipline and will lead to mental frustration and compensatory behavior. Naturally, there are influences on eating habits that go beyond the hormonal factor.


Obtaining an ideal physical composition is a bit more complicated than just adding two and two. Calories are important, but more important is how the body responds and anticipates them. This is the task of hormones, in which we can influence by adjusting our lifestyle according to the crucial hormonal factor.

Did you know how much hormone affects your ability to lose weight?

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