List of the 10 best foods rich in uric acid to prevent gout attacks

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Video 1. red meat 2. Organ meats 3. Seafood And Fish 4. beer and alcohol 5. Sugar-rich beverages 6. Asparagus And Spinach 7. The cauliflower 8. Beans, peas and other legumes 9. Mushrooms 10. the oats

The body will create uric acid by processing chemical compounds called purines that occur naturally in our body and can be found in many types of foods. Although most uric acid can be dissolved in our blood and is also excreted in the urine, uric acid with excessive levels can cause many health problems, especially gout. Foods high in purines will raise uric acid levels in the blood and, therefore, are also known as high uric acid foods.

Within the framework of this writing, will present you with the list of the 10 main foods with a high content of uric acid that can help you to know how to avoid consuming them and thus avoid the risk of gout attacks. Keep reading this article to understand more!

Must know: List of 10 foods high in uric acid to prevent gout attacks

1. red meat

Foods rich in uric acid.

Red meat is one of the specific foods that provide more uric acid than other foods in your diet. However, poultry and white meat, such as pork, also have a high uric acid content, so it is best to keep your consumption of meat and wild meat to a minimum overall. If you have high levels of uric acid or gout, you should avoid these meats or at least limit them to 4-6 ounces per day. Instead, you can keep a constant mix of fruits and vegetables to accompany your meals and snacks.

4. Foods rich in uric acid: beer and alcohol

In fact, beer is twice as bad for people with gout than shellfish and meats. This is because it will raise the production of uric acid levels in the body and make the body more difficult to eliminate excess uric acid. Although alcohol does not have much damage compared to beer, it can still raise uric acid levels. Therefore, most doctors always recommend that you avoid all beer and liquor if you suffer from gout.

5. Sugar-rich beverages

Foods rich in uric acid.

You should not drink so many drinks like fruit juices with fruit sugar. These drinks deliver high fructose Corn syrup that will stimulate the production of uric acid. According to studies, women and men who consume a lot of fructose and drink a lot of drinks with corn syrup and fructose will have a higher risk of having gout. Instead of sugary drinks, you can keep water, coffee, tea or pure juice freshly squeezed.

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6. Asparagus And Spinach

Foods rich in uric acid.

In fact, animal products are not the only foods with high uric acid content.

Certain vegetables, such as asparagus and spinach, can also trigger a gout attack. However, they do not seem to cause much damage compared to foods of animal origin. The uric acid in vegetables is also excreted from your body more easily than uric acid from seafood and meats.

7. Foods rich in uric acid – Cauliflower

Foods rich in uric acid.

Cauliflower is a soft vegetable and is rich in uric acid. However, vegetables can help your body get rid of uric acid and purines, so you do not need to eliminate them completely from the diet. In addition, they also have. nutrients It can reduce the insulin resistance that plays a vital role in the control of gout outbreaks.

8. Beans, peas and other legumes

Beans, peas, and other legumes also have good sources of uric acid, which can make them a poor source of food for people who have gout. According to the healthiest foods in the world, peas have a moderately high amount of uric acid, which is 5 to 100 milligrams of uric acid per 3.5-ounce serving. However, when peas, spinach and asparagus are eaten raw, they will cause less damage than a cooked form, as long as they consume a small portion.

9. Mushrooms

Foods rich in uric acid.

If you are thinking of eating mushrooms as a replacement source for meat, you should think of something else. Actually, like legumes, fungi are considered to contain a moderately high amount of uric acid.

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10. Foods rich in uric acid – oatmeal

Foods rich in uric acid.

Although the exact amount of uric acid in oatmeal has been discussed, oatmeal and other foods containing oats provide a moderate amount of uric acid. Most doctors recommend that those who suffer from gout should limit their intake of oatmeal, as well as other oatmeal-based foods.

While this list may seem daunting if you suffer from gout, many of these previous foods can be eaten, as long as you only take small portions and have them when you do not have a gout attack. In addition, other foods such as coffee, tea, citrus fruits, foods rich in complex carbohydrates and foods rich in dairy products can prevent outbreaks of gout and, therefore, are recommended for those who have gout.

If you want to know more about superfoods or other vitamins and minerals, go to our main page Superfoods page. After reading the article about the ten main foods with a high uric acid content, I hope you can help him identify foods rich in uric acid to avoid eating them because of their good health. If you have any questions or know other foods high in uric acid to prevent gout attacks, leave them below.

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