LEMON – the best DEODORANT of nature (how to use it)

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There are two main types of products that fight sweating: deodorants (that mask odors) Y antiperspirants (which one stop sweating). Both are dangerous for health, but the latter are the most dangerous.

According to a recent German study, published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Anti-perspirants roll-on and stick can last 24 or even 48 hours.

Lemon deodorant

Its effect is so powerful that He even passes the stress test, high temperatures and intense physical effort.. Have you ever wondered why that is?

The answer is simple: The substances they contain do not remain on the surface of the skin., but it enters the body. More precisely, its efficiency is due to the aluminum content, a chemical that Penetrates the skin barrier, enters the sweat glands and blocks the perspiration process..

Our bodies receive daily a strong infusion of substances that can cause. toxicity, allergies and even Cancer: Aluminum, triclosan, parabens, formaldehyde, meats, synthetic perfumes..


The best natural deodorants.

Knowing this, we should opt for a more natural product that can still be efficient but without risks. The best natural deodorants are deodorants of alum glass, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil and lemon.

How to use lemon as deodorant.

Cut a lemon or cut it into small pieces. Rub the skin of the armpits with the juicy surface of the lemon and let the juice enter the skin. The smell of sweat will disappear in the presence of lemon juice.

Do not apply the juice on freshly shaved skin because it will burn or irritate the armpits.

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Do not use the lemon juice bought in the store, as it will not work. Use only fresh lemon.



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