Learning to satisfy the woman in bed?

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11 magical ways to satisfy the woman in bed

Every man wants a sweet, adorable and sexy girlfriend / wife. But do you think that all the men in the world can satisfy his wife in particular? Well, the answer is "NO". Several studies have seen that it takes a little longer for a woman to be provoked to have sexual relations compared to a man, but once they get into full action, they can be the best possible treatment. never enter your life

Every man has his fantasy world and he gets excited, but are you able to satisfy your women? If your answer is no, you can see the list that is mentioned in the article below. After reading this article, you will know several new facts that women have been hiding since ages. Now, let's move on to the list of Top 11 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Start your trip with kiss and more kiss

Many people have the misconception that Kiss is only related to previous games, but the fact is that Kiss is a springboard to satisfy a woman. By kissing you, you create an emotional bond with a woman who helps the woman to get ahead with the other sexual act. If he begins his sexual journey without a kiss, it is very likely that he will end up without satisfying his wife. You must vary your positions while you kiss so that it can lead to more emotion and a woman to witness more orgasm. Try applying a lip balm before kissing and avoid eating foods such as onions that can refuse a woman. Also, try to tickle a woman while kissing so that the woman can be more excited.

Try oral sex

Many men feel that the only thing that is associated with sex is intercourse. But the fact is that many things are more than sex. Try oral sex once a week and feel the intensity in it. You can start oral sex after a previous game session so that the trip is much more exciting. To start oral sex, you can start by giving a feeling of touch to the pelvis. After this step, you should place a pillow under the pelvis and try to extend the legs as much as possible. You can use your tongue to lick her pussy and assume that you have an ice cream. In a matter of a few minutes, she would achieve her orgasm, and feel the emotion she had never before achieved.

Playing with her breasts

We are very aware that the woman's tits are very sensitive and are very soft to the touch. The breasts play an essential role in the process of the previous games and, in addition, in the achievement of a soft sex. Try to concentrate on your breasts and see the magic with which you would find yourself. Most men concentrate on licking, kissing, biting the nipples of the breasts, but tend to forget the most important area of ​​the breast, that is, the lower part of the breast area that has many nerve endings. If you focus on this particular area, then your wife will achieve much pleasure from you. Also, you can whisper loudly when you're licking your nipples. Make sure that the process is slow and constant so that the process is exciting. After a specified time interval, you may see your areolas darken. This is the perfect stage for you to get the best suction injection while massaging the other breast.

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Focus on your clitoris

Do you want to satisfy your wife in bed? Yes, yes, then focusing on the clitoris is the best attempt to satisfy your woman. The clitoris is located outside the vagina in women. You would have to find Clitoris in the woman to be able to play with him and help make your woman have the orgasm she wanted all her life. Clitoral stimulation is quite easy to do, and can occur in a few minutes. If you want to stimulate the clitoris of the woman, you can try several sexual positions, like a girl on top, doggy style and a spoonful. Also, you would have to vary the way you massage the clitoris, since the technique can vary from one woman to another.

Try the sexual foods

Do you want to wake up your wife? Yes, yes, then you should try these sensual foods that are very beneficial to light your wife. A woman loves foods like chocolate sauce and oysters, and you can spread these foods in your wife's body. These foods will tempt your wife to have the kind of sex she always wanted and that would help her satisfy her.

Try sex in new places

If you want to please your wife, then you should try sex in new places. Try to make your woman feel that she is highly irresistible and that you got aroused with a simple kiss or the smell of her hair. Try new places, such as a car, a bathroom or a flat to have sex instead of the bed, where you could not wake up. Kiss it slowly and gently and do not completely brush it off. Try using a lubricant so that the sexual journey is not painful. He would begin to feel pleasure and, in a few minutes, achieve the best stimulation of his life.

Understand your woman's requirement

Most men think that all women are equal and should have the same sexual need. But, in fact, every woman has a different need and can vary from person to person. Try to discover the ways in which your wife can be turned on and, in fact, also look for things that can turn her off. Take the time to understand their requirement and, in fact, you would benefit a lot from the facts that would be revealed. Each woman has several techniques by which they light, such as soft liquor, facial hair of men, soft romantic music and perhaps by the smell of men's perfume. The fact is that you need to capitalize on your deepest fantasy and then look for ways to satisfy them.

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Take a little dirty with her

You can relive the moment if you start talking a little sexual things with her. You can start by saying what you feel for her, the size of the tits she has and, in fact, how you would satisfy her when you had a sexual encounter with her. You can add more climaxes to this by having an atmosphere that is favorable for a sexual encounter. If you feel you have doubts, you can try a little soft liquor and then all your doubts will be alleviated.

Gently lick the ear and neck

Are you still doing the boring old-school sexual activities? Yes, yes, then stop it and try this method to sexually awaken your wife. In this method, all you have to do is gently lick your neck and ear and then gently whisper in your ears. You would find the magic you had never thought of. Your wife would be asking for more, and you can drive her crazy with your sexual acts. This can satisfy your woman that you wanted in your life.

Test the previous game before sex

We are very aware that the anticipation of having sex is much better than actually having sex. Many men do not give their women the kind of orgasm they always wanted, simply because they are very fast on the trip. They jump directly into sex without the need of having a previous game that can lead to a better sex. Next time, when you are going to have sex, start with an intimate game, which could help your wife feel the occasion and thus take action. In the action of the previous games, you can try many kisses, licking, sucking. This will make your woman feel immense pleasure and thus prepare her for the next step.

Try different sexual positions

There is a well-known fact that if we keep doing the same thing every day, then it can get boring. The same applies in context with sexual positions. If you keep playing the same sex position every day, then your wife is likely to get bored. Try different sexual positions every day, like spooning, doggy style, a girl on top to name a few. These sexual positions will make your girl happy and make her scream with pleasure.


After reading the previous article, you must have known how to satisfy a woman in bed. Try all these methods on your woman and experience the changes in her. He would drive with pleasure and receive the best stimulation of his life. If you are in love with this article, then share them with your connection. Your comments will be very appreciated.

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