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What is Reiki?

"Meaningful life" yes, that's all. Everything we are going to explain will be a bit overwhelming, and some people out there would call it a fuzzy acknowledgment of some healing technique. But the one who will go through the healing will feel the essence of the exact explanation given.

According to what was said by the founder and healers of Reiki, it is a non-religious and spiritual healing technique that can allow you to get out of stress and provide extreme relaxation. It can heal your feelings and the thoughts that make you tense and puts your mind in anxiety.

It sounds pretty magical when you read something like this, but it's all natural science that really works. Explanations and words do not have the ability to express the real functioning of Reiki, but it would be very wrong to say that it can not be explained.

Reiki is about exchanging energies. The energies that make you live and create emotions and thoughts and respond to every act we do in our daily lives. In Reiki, the healer will eliminate all malignant or negative energies that make you feel bad and let your self-esteem fall below normal. Low self-esteem can really make you sick physically and mentally.

How did you take birth?

Reiki is found in Japan by a Japanese known as Mikao Usui, for the reduction of anxiety and tension in the body. The word Reiki literally means the wisdom of God or the superconscious power for the life force. Reiki has two words combined that make sense completely. Directly "Rei" means the knowledge, wisdom or power of God and "Ki" means life force. Some people relate it to the connection with God, but it has nothing to do with it. The energies have nothing to do with beliefs and rumors. We can define it directly as the Energy of the Life Force, which flows through every living human being or can also be understood in the whole living creature. It helps us stay healthier and happier throughout the daily mental and physical struggle of life.

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After several years of mediation after the foundation of Reiki, the founder Mikao Usui also added the ideal of Reiki to practice it efficiently and effectively. The ideals of Reiki come from the five and only essential principles of the Meiji Emperor of ancient Japan. These five principles of the Emperor add the essence of spirituality to Usui Reiki. Spiritual Reiki or ideal Reiki helps people to be in the Aura of holiness so that the human race can understand it more consciously and can not add negative perspectives to Reiki practices because it really cures you immensely.

How does it really work?

Reiki is just an art to feel the energies that each human releases every second until they die. Understanding the energies does not require any degree or diploma, what you need is only a conscious and clean mind. The mind that can feel the pain of others (emotional or physical) and understand how to take those pains, moves away from the carrier. Students who learn by doing Reiki spend years meditating and understanding energies for a good cause to heal people. The one who treats you asks you to go to bed with the natural thought that comes to mind in the situation and that you relax and calm down. And after a couple of minutes, the body begins to behave according to the words of the healer, and after a few more minutes, the body begins to understand that some external energy is touching the body and healing the pain and stress. The body itself begins to relax by the movements of the healer's hands in the air without even touching his body.

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The effects of Reiki are long lasting and can be felt after months and years after the healer has finished. Little by little you will understand that your body received a celestial treatment that is relaxing and calming you more, and the pain in your joints and veins is shrinking by itself. Many of the people who have gone through the Reiki treatment have wonderful and magical experiences. And they say that the healing process never stops until you push yourself again in the dark. It is just a natural healing process that can be taken whenever you want and how many times you want it. Reiki has side effects in any human being. In fact, the healer may be seriously ill sometimes due to the negative energy he consumes when he is removed.


There can be no better therapy than natural treatments. Natural makes you more natural and heals you immensely without side effects. Reiki is one of the most accepted therapies at present, since it does not require oil or creams, only its energies. Everyone should try it and better experience the power of the invisible healing energy. And help yourself to live a happy and stress-free life.

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