Lavender Tea – Properties, Recipe and Administration

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Lavender has numerous valuable therapeutic properties: antiseptic, diuretic and soothing. Products that contain lavender, such as infusions and tinctures, are extremely useful when it comes to biliary dyskinesia, bloating and migraines. Tincture and essential oil are useful for neurosis and mental overload. Internal therapy with infusions, essential oils and honey is beneficial for respiratory disorders such as influenza, bronchitis or pertussis. This should be associated with external treatment, including inhalations with lavender essential oil diluted in warm water. When it comes to disorders of the urinary tract (cystitis), you should use lavender tincture and essential oil, accompanied by local warm water baths.

Lavender Tea - Properties, Recipe and Administration

Lavender has more than 40 ingredients that can not be obtained in the laboratory. They are 100% natural and include: olfalic alcohol, acetic acid, tannins and various bitter compounds that make lavender a healing plant for more than 70 diseases.

Lavender Tea – Recipe And Administration

To obtain lavender tea, you should infuse 0.8 – 1.5 grams of dried lavender flowers (this means 1 – 2 teaspoons) into 150 ml of boiled water. Let stand for 5 – 10 minutes. This tea can be consumed up to 3 times per day, depending on the disease. You can also drink before bed to fight insomnia.

This tea is administered internally and is used for anxiety, agitation, insomnia, digestive disorders or abdominal distension.

Lavender Tea – Benefits

Fight cancer

For more than 20 years, researchers have focused on some substances contained in lavender that can fight various types of cancer. So far, the results are promising, but more studies are needed.

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Struggles against insomnia

Numerous studies have confirmed the fact that lavender is useful when it comes to promoting restful sleep and fighting insomnia. The tea recipe presented above is extremely useful when it comes to treating insomnia. Then, before going to sleep, you should take a cup of lavender tea or use a small bag of lavender flowers to put under your pillow. The aroma of this incredible plant will help you to have a peaceful sleep.

Agitation and anxiety

Lavender can reduce the agitation and aggression of older people who suffer from various forms of dementia. In addition, lavender tea will reduce anxiety in certain people who have to deal with regular stressful situations.

Stomach disorders

Polyphenols in lavender have the ability to kill bacteria in the stomach that are responsible for poor digestion and heartburn. If you have such problems, you should drink lavender tea or use lavender to make cakes or other dishes. It has a nice flavor and will also help you get rid of stomach upsets.


Lavender tea has sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic and diuretic properties. In addition, levender can reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process of wounds. A cup of tea made of lavender flowers, linden flowers, melilot flowers and butterbur flowers (a teaspoon of which) is recommended for people suffering from depression.

If you are allergic to lavender, do not use it internally or externally.


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