Lager vs Ale: What is the difference?

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The difference between lager vs ale is discussed in beer halls around the world, and there are some key differences that separate these two types from alcohol.

Lager vs Ale

Lager and beer are both categories of beer, broad term For any alcoholic drink Made of fermented grain. [1]


Lager: Lager is generally fresh and slightly gaseous with light and mild flavors that are widely enjoyed throughout the world. English beer: There is a wide range of beers, but they tend to be richer and stronger than beers, with flavors of both fruit and jumps.

The ingredients

Both beer and beer are made of water, grain (usually malted). barley), hops and yeast. However, the type of yeast used in its fermentation is clearly different both in the drinks.

Lager: Lager beer needs a Lower fermentation yeast, which ferments At temperatures of 7-15 ° C. [2] English beer: Beer production uses "maximum fermentation" yeast fermenting at temperatures of 10-25 ° C.

The proportion of these ingredients varies. Other ingredients, like herbs Y fruit, sometimes they are added to produce different flavors.

Alcohol content

Lager: Lizards tend to have an ABV of 3-6%. English beer: The average alcohol range of beer is higher, with 3-15% of ABV.


In addition to the type of yeast used, the key difference between lager and beer lies in the fermentation process.

Lager: Lager is fermented in cold conditions, in which the yeast settles at the bottom of the barrel. This makes for a longer Fermentation time, resulting in clean and smooth flavor. [3] English beer: Ale is produced through a warm ferment, which allows the esters responsible for tasty aromas to emerge.

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Styled beer is best stored and drunk cold, while beer is usually happy at room temperature.

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