Keto vs Atkins: which is better

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There's a lot of debate about Keto vs. Atkins, and while these subsistence allowance If you share some characteristics, there are also some key differences you must understand before choosing one over the other.

Keto vs Atkins

The small differences between these two diets can help you make a decision of which is better for your health goals. [1]


the ketogenic The diet requires high intake of fat (60%), moderate. protein Ingestion (35%) and low. carbohydrate Intake (5%). The Atkins diet begins with a Similary percentage of nutrients such as a keto diet, but then allow the reintroduction of carbohydrates after an introduction weightloss period. [2] Apart from carbohydrate restrictions, the Atkins diet is not strict in terms of the percentage of fats or proteins.

Benefits of health

Ceto diet

The ketogenic diet is particularly good for diabeticsas strictly controls Carbohydrate intake [3] A keto diet will help you lose. weight, due to the reduction in general calorie consumption.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is known to improve fat and cholesterol levels, which is good for cardiovascular Health. Following the Atkins diet means eating a lot meat, making it an ideal diet for carnivores.

Both diets encourage the body to enter ketosis, where fat is burned, producing ketone bodies that can increase brain Health. However, the Atkins diet allows the reintroduction of more carbohydrates, which can reduce ketosis.

Side effects

Both diets are controversial in some circles; The Atkins diet fell out of favor after reports that people often quickly gained their lost weight behind following the diet. [4] The Atkins diet is also more likely to lead to a nutrient deficiency, since there are not enough strict rules on the types of food eat (except DO NOT eat too many carbohydrates). A ketogenic diet often includes the use of supplements, rather than whole foods. The challenge of both diets is the elimination of popular foods, so that people are more likely to cheat.

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Which is better?

While these two low-carb diets are good for losing weight, it is known that the ketogenic diet has more sustainable results and a more permanent change in eating habits and Lifestyle.

Keto vs. Atkins: which one is better, reference:

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