It's bad to smoke tea for you

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Many people wonder about the effects and safety of of smoking teaTherefore, before doing so, it is important to understand the risks involved.

Is it bad to smoke tea for you?

While people have been of smoking Different types of teas for thousands of years, has recently become popular again, due to its legality and ease of access. Smoking tea leaves has a psychoactive effect in some cases and can make you feel high, in part due to the caffeine in tea, and partly because of the other active ingredients and nutrients in this popular substance worldwide. [1] Smoking a tea can increase your consumption, largely due to the combustion process, which produces carbon dioxide, depriving the brain of oxygen. While some people report a sense of energy when drinking tea, others say it can cause dizziness and Headaches, among other side effects.

Effects of smoking tea

The short-term side effects of smoking a tea can be pleasant, especially for someone looking for a cheap and easy drink, but there are more serious side effects. After the initial surge of pleasure from smoking tea, it can result in barf, Headachesand withdrawal symptoms, since your body will want more chemicals in tea.

Even smoking healthy varieties, such as Green Tea, still involves smoking carbon-based plants, which can cause carcinogenic launching in the body. [2] In some cases, this can be counteracted by the antioxidants who is also inhaling, but the long-term damage to their respiratory The system does not deserve temporary effects, but potentially pleasurable ones.

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