Is it safe to eat raw fish?

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Many people worry about eating raw fish, but before you swear it Sushi Forever, there are some important things you must understand.

Is it safe to eat raw fish?

Eating raw fish is safe if you are eating appropriate fish that does not contain bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. Humans have been eating raw fish for thousands of years, but the last century has also seen a significant increase in pollution of marine environments, which can lead to pollution of fish stocks. [1]

While it's safe to eat some raw fish, and there are a number of health benefits to doing so, you should know what types of raw fish you can eat. For example, you can eat raw Salmon and the types of fish found in sushi, but you should not eat raw seabass, haddock and haddock. You can get sick from eating raw fish, but sometimes raw fish can be healthier than cooked fish.


If you are eating from safe sources and pathogenWithout raw fish, it can have several health benefits, such as the following:

Eliminate fatigue Increase total intake of omega-3 fatty acids

When you cook fish, you can decrease the nutrient. content, particularly when it comes to these anti-inflammatory fatty acids. [2] The way you eat raw fish, that is, sushi, can also have several benefits, due to the quality of the minerals and nutrients from other ingredients.

The risks

There are some notable dangers of eating raw fish, which can be avoided if you only eat fish from reliable sources. [3]

Complications with the pregnancy (heavy metals) Parasite infections (liver fleas, tapeworms, round worms) Bacterial heavy metal infections toxicity (mercury) A higher level of environmental contaminants.

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How to minimize the risks of eating raw fish?

If you want to minimize the risks associated with eating raw fish:

Closely to inspect [4] fish before eating Eat frozen fish Buy chilled fish Eat only fish that smells fresh Do not take fish out too long before eating Only buy from reliable suppliers who have good relationships with reliable restaurants and distributors

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