Is it really acidity? Or is it IBS?

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I see many patients who come with self-diagnosis of heartburn and self-medication. Most of them are surprised when I tell them that they do not really suffer from heartburn. The fact is that self-medication is not only harmful but also
Also counterproductive.

What is acidity?

Burning sensation just below the breast bone in the center before or after the meal. If the acid is close to the thorax, the burning sensation in the thorax (heart burn) (hiatus hernia / LAX LES will be discussed in a separate blog). Sometimes it is so serious that you can confuse this with a heart attack.

Other symptoms, such as the stinging sensation and needle / burning sensation in the thorax / abdomen alone probably are not.
The pain that moves around different parts of the abdomen just probably is not. Back pain alone is probably not. These symptoms alone are not symptoms of heartburn. These could be somatization of the acidity if they are associated with the symptoms discussed in the first paragraph. These symptoms alone are probably not diagnoses of heartburn / GERD.

What symptoms are not heartburn?

one Feeling bloated,

two Sounds in the abdomen,

3 Rigid abdomen,

4 Pain in different parts of the abdomen at different times.

5 Altered toilet habits

6 Feeling full after eating little food.

7 Sensation of puncture in the whole abdomen.

All these symptoms are not related to heartburn at all. In fact, medications for heartburn can make these symptoms worse. These are symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This requires careful evaluation to rule out colorectal cancer in people older than 50 years. You may also need a colonoscopy to rule out colorectal cancer if the symptoms are new and you are over 50 years old.

This usually affects females over 40 years of age. The most worrisome problem is that it is now affecting young professionals due to their highly sedentary lifestyle.

These symptoms can also be caused by medications and some medications for diabetes are the most common cause. The poor control of diabetes aggravates these symptoms.

Some people suffer these symptoms after suffering from food poisoning (gastroenteritis). This is usually self-limited. Some experience these symptoms after taking antibiotics for different conditions and
Again, this is also self-limiting.

What are the home remedies for IBS?

one Drink at least 3 liters of water.

two Eat more fiber (all fruits, vegetables and greens)

3 Eating less sweets

4 Exercise (walking or any form of physical activity)

While previous changes in lifestyle provide lifelong relief of symptoms, medications (antispasmodic / Pre and pro biotics) will initially help overcome these symptoms.

If you suffer from the above, you do not need medicines for heartburn and, in fact, these medications can make your symptoms worse.

What foods to avoid in acidity?

As such, there is no prescribed diet for heartburn. There is no need to avoid any food.

Eating habits lead to acidity, not food.

Spices do not cause acidity when consumed in limited quantities in time.

If you gather the foods that lead to the acidity listed by 100 people, there will be no items to eat. So we should be able to eat all the items. Yes There is a particular food that increases the symptoms and then avoids it, it is particular for that person.

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