Is it bad to drink cold water for health?

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Come the summers and our thirst for cold water begins. The cold water has helped many of us face the summer heat by instantly giving us a refreshing feeling. Not only has it quenched our thirst, it has also cooled our hot and sweaty bodies. Those sighs of pure happiness when you finish drinking cold water after struggling against the unbearable heat of peak summers. Happiness!

I think it's safe to assume that most of us love to drink cold water in the summers and that we would not trade it with any other drink of any other temperature. But when we come across the "facts of the Internet (read fashions) or popular myths", as drinking cold water harms your body and negatively affects your health, we can not enjoy without fault our ice water. We always close that voice of reason that reiterates the fact read and end up feeling bad instead of feeling happy after our drink.

We will explain how drinking water at any temperature does not have any adverse or detrimental impact on your health.

Therefore, we have found many articles on the Internet about when you have cold water after a meal, it solidifies the ingested fat that, in turn, does not decompose and accumulates in the body as stored fat, which makes it fat. Well, I think it's safe to say that this line of research is not based on anything and has not had concrete results. It is an absolutely confirmed fact that drinking cold water does not do such a thing.

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Water has no fat or carbohydrates; therefore, it can not make you fat, although depending on its source, it may contain some minerals and vitamins. While the consumption of hot water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning stimulates metabolism and we suggest you follow this rule to lose weight more efficiently, drinking cold water can also help you burn some extra calories.

When you drink cold water, your body has to work a little more to bring the water temperature to normal and in this process ends up burning calories to produce that energy. Although the amount of calories burned is not much.

E.g. To heat 500 ml of ice water, your body burns only 17 calories. But if you calculate the number of times you end up burning 17 calories in the number of days, we are sure that you will reach a more appreciable amount.

Another fact is that drinking cold water after exercise can help you dehydrate faster and help your body temperature rise to normal. Some studies even show that our stomach absorbs cold water faster than warm water, which allows us to practice our physical activity for longer without worrying about dehydration.

While we suggest you take 9 to 12 glasses of water every day to keep your body free of toxins and other harmful compounds that are eliminated with water when you urinate, we also encourage you to make more reasonable decisions when it comes to fashions such as & # 39; Drinking cold water makes you fat or unhealthy?

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Some different ways to include more water in your daily diet:

Green Tea: This drink not only guarantees a higher water intake, but also an increase in metabolism Lemon water: This drink, along with rehydration, increases your immunity every time you take a sip. Turmeric ginger tea and honey: This is especially effective to cool your body for longer periods due to the cooling properties of turmeric and ginger. They also try to minimize the adverse effects of scorching heat. Buttermilk: It increases your calcium levels and instantly cools your body. Coconut water: This drink is loaded with a lot of minerals and vitamins and has the ability to regulate your blood pressure. You can enjoy these drinks every day, either hot or cold, to increase your daily water intake and get the benefits of a healthy body, free of toxins and well hydrated. . Happy drinking!

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