Is cow's milk giving you asthma?

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The link between asthma and cow's milk is familiar to many young people with asthma and their parents. Many people assumed that milk makes asthma worse by stimulating the production of mucus in the lungs. However, studies suggest that, along with or instead of creating an excess of mucus, milk can worsen asthma due to an undiagnosed milk allergy.

"In all respiratory conditions, mucus-forming milk products, such as milk and cheese, can exacerbate the obstruction of the lungs and should be avoided," writes Professor Gary Null in his Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. Very simply, when more mucus accumulates in the lungs from which it can be expelled, asthma attacks develop. This belief has been maintained for a long time in practiced medicine, and many doctors still support this theory.

At the same time, many other doctors and researchers are beginning to feel that undiagnosed milk allergies may be the underlying problem behind the link between milk and asthma. As Dr. Robert M. Giller writes in Natural Prescriptions, eliminating dairy products from the diets of many adult patients and children with asthma helps "not because dairy products stimulate mucus production, but because they are very common causes of allergy, upper respiratory allergies and asthma (which can be an allergy in itself) ".

"Milk is one of the two or three most common food allergens in the American diet," says allergy specialist Dr. James Braly in the book Alternatives to Healing by Bill Gottlieb. In fact, Dr. Frank Oski, chief of pediatrics at John Hopkins School of Medicine, believes that 50 percent of all school-age children may be allergic to milk, although many of them remain undiagnosed. Some researchers believe that the figure may be even higher, up to 60 percent of children, according to the book by Dr. Charles R. Attwoods, A Vegetarian Doctor Speaks Out. When most people think of milk allergies, they think of an anaphylactic shock, a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction that can only be relieved by an injection of epinephrine. However, allergies sometimes manifest themselves in very different ways, and these can change throughout a person's life.

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In Get Healthy Now, Professor Null explains the changing symptoms of a milk allergy: "Even if the symptoms are not the same, the underlying allergy can be: A child who has suffered from asthma associated with milk, for example, can have severe acne as a teenager. "The milk allergy is still there, but its symptoms have moved to a different organic system, often tricking the patient and the doctor into thinking that the original allergy has been overcome." Alternative Medicine, up to half of babies can be sensitive to cow's milk, and as a result, the symptoms of an underlying milk allergy can begin as early as childhood, manifest only as eczema, a symptom that can remain more In addition, in addition to asthma and eczema, an underlying allergy to milk may manifest itself as bronchitis, sinusitis, autoimmune disorders, frequent colds. and ear infections and even behavior problems.

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