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Lin is only fifteen years old and can already offer a valuable lesson for all of us. She has a burning passion for fresh and natural food … especially chocolate (cocoa). She links her passions with literature, writing and photography, to produce a space where people can feel inspired to embrace the foods of Mother Nature.

She is an advocate of bodily positivity, self-love and self-nourishment and health through physical and spiritual facets! From the fight against an eating disorder in his youth, until now be a prominent enthusiast in the Instagram world; This is his humble story of how he rediscovered his relationship with food …

Food issues: What was your relationship with food before your health trip?

I was using something that was meant to be a way of nurturing and caring for my body in a destructive way, directed in a negative and harmful way towards myself: I was being controlled by an eating disorder and my relationship with the food was downright horrible! I resented, I fell into depression and I felt empty and without emotions, with only the desire to use food to continue damaging my body.

Food matters: What was your biggest struggle to recover from your eating disorder?

My biggest struggle was to realize that I needed and deserved help; For so long I had been fighting against the fact that something was wrong with me, fighting against denial, too caught up in the control of a destructive mentality to see the truth. I did not think he needed help, I thought he was perfectly fine mentally and physically, which was perfectly ridiculous.

Deception was one thing, because I began to see what I had really gotten myself into after feeding and nourishing my brain and body again; I was accepting that it was the biggest obstacle. Accepting that I needed help and forgiving myself for doing this to both me and my family.

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Food issues: What role has food played in your healing?

Food used to be my passion, even before my eating disorder. I managed to channel something that gave me happiness and joy in a weapon against myself. In the recovery process, I was trying to rediscover ways of feeding myself and allowing me to heal physically and mentally. Through this process, I somehow came across the idea of ​​turning my recovery into something that I enjoy again when preparing new dishes. I tried cooking and baking so I could try new foods and reintroduce different forms of nutrition in my diet compared to the previous restricted form. of nutrition as dictated by my eating disorder.

From there, the method of channeling my love for food through creative means came when I decided to also combine my cooking and baking with photography. Learning to love food again gave me a creative outlet that has become so amazing and beautiful that connects me with many people around the world today, and the passion I had for food became much stronger and important that the voice of a foolish disorder.

Food matters: What words of wisdom would you share with someone facing an eating disorder and how can they develop a healthy relationship with food?

I would tell you that there is a life beyond what the disorder is going through: a life beyond this destructive relationship with food, a life beyond feeling miserable, a life that goes beyond exhaustion, a life beyond of control. that has his mind in suspense and that eventually will only lead one down a path of complete destruction and pain. Everyone deserves to live, to live beyond this eating disorder. They deserve to eat everything they want, they deserve to love themselves, they deserve to be free and truly happy once more.

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I would tell them to realize that this can not be the way they continue to live, nobody deserves anything so horrible and terrible that controls their lives. Recognize that things can not go on like this, acknowledge that they need help and go and seek that help. Realize that one must live and eat in a way that your body will blossom and that makes them truly happy, and that they should love themselves for what they are.

Food Matters: What is one of your favorite healthy recipes of all time?

One of my favorite recipes is for a simple chocolate milkshake. I do it on school days where I have a lot of work but I need a quick sandwich! I mix the pieces of a frozen banana, half a ripe banana, about 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter or almond, a little cinnamon, a splash of milk of soybeans and a bit of chopped black chocolate Until everything is thick and sparkling and magical! It's so velvety, rich and creamy with a lot of beautiful chocolate flavor and it does not take any time to beat yourself!

Where can you see more of Lin? For a good dose of inspiration, check out Lin in Instagram and follow her at @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie or visit her blog here. Your space definitely does not lack a nutritious recipe!

Have you ever had a less than nutritious relationship with food? We would love to hear your story in the comments below!


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