Inguinal hernia: symptoms, complications and treatment

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The hernia is the externalization of the tissue inside the abdomen. It occurs when parts of the intestine leave the abdomen through an opening called a hiatus. This weakness of the connective tissue occurs mainly in the groin and umbilical areas.

Weakness of the tissue is often congenital, but may be caused by excessive exercise, muscle weakness or aging of the connective tissue.

The umbilical and incisional hernia (caused mainly by poor healing of the anterior incisions) accounts for 20% of hernia cases. Inguinal hernias were found in 80% of the cases.

Men over 50 have a higher risk of hernia

In men, inguinal hernia occurs when the inguinal canal does not close after birth. During fetal development, the testicles form in the abdomen and subsequently descend through the scrotum and groin and then, usually, the canal closes. "inguinal hernia sizes =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
<p>Inguinal hernia can occur in the first moments of the newborn's life, but it is more common among older men. With aging, the muscles, respectively, the abdominal muscle that forms the walls of the inguinal canal become increasingly weak.</p>
<p>Physical exertion (lifting, moving heavy loads) can often cause the flaccidity and appearance of the inguinal hernia. For the elderly, it can be caused by weak connective tissue.</p>
<p>Persistent constipation, which hinders particularly strong abdominal muscles, can hasten the onset of hernia. Very rarely, the hernia can occur during an accident in which the body tissue is broken.</p>
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The most common symptoms of inguinal hernia are:

– Sensation of lightness.
– Pain intensified during defecation, as a result of abdominal pressure and pain during exercise and coughing.
– Digestive disorders
– Visible and palpable swelling at the site of pain.


In all cases, patients should consult their doctor because without treatment or complex intervention, the hernia does not heal on its own. Sleeping on the back reduces the intensity of pain for a short period of time and, if the operation is performed, the patient should avoid the effort during the first months. In addition, light exercises are recommended to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but only as specified by the doctor.

Untreated hernias can lead to serious complications.

Surgery is the only therapeutic option to cure the hernia and, if completed at an early stage, does not present risks or complications. There are situations in which the patient ignores the symptoms and avoids surgery, mainly due to fear. This can lead to bowel breakage and can lead to an intestinal block loop. In addition, the situation worsens due to impaired blood circulation, necrosis of the intestinal wall and even rupture, with particularly serious consequences due to bacteria that can cause infection of the peritoneum.

How to avoid hernia?

Inguinal hernia in babies can not be prevented, but in adults, the situation is different, and we can prevent it if we pay attention that the abdominal muscles do not become "lazy" in time. Also, you should not force your body with weights that you can hardly face.

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