Increased erectile dysfunction among men under 30 – Know the real reason

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Increased erectile dysfunction among men under 30 – Know the real reason

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, is quite common in men over 30-40, but recently men under 30 have complained of erectile dysfunction. In general, people think it is a medical problem and they start taking medications without knowing the real reason for erectile dysfunction at such an early age. Today we are going to let you know the real reason for the increased erectile dysfunction among men under 30 years of age. If you also think it is a medical problem, read the article and you will be completely surprised.

The real reason for the increased erectile dysfunction among men under 30 is: Porn and Masturbation. If you are one of those who think that pornography and masturbation have no side effects, it is time to review your knowledge. The real fact is that pornography and masturbation seriously damage the mental and physical health of a person. One of the main side effects of serial masturbation after watching pornography is erectile dysfunction. Most men discover pornography in their early years and that is why many of them under 30 face problems of erectile dysfunction. And with Internet pornography available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in computers and handheld devices, the epidemic of erectile dysfunction is increasing among a large number of adolescents and those in their twenties.

Erectile dysfunction was originally a problem that mainly diagnosed older men. But now it is about to become an epidemic among men of all ages, especially men under the age of 30.


Erectile dysfunction: a physical or mental problem?

Before going to the pharmacy to buy some vitality drugs, you should know that erectile dysfunction induced by pornography It has more to do with the mind than with your penis. Therefore, erectile dysfunction does not mean that it is not primarily a physical problem. Masturbating to porn is like an addiction. It feels so good, like a drug and soon you find yourself wanting more and more. Pornography becomes your world and when you are with a real real woman, you do not feel excited. Only porn can take you there. But soon you lose the ability to get down even to that.

The science behind this!

When you do something that makes you feel good, relaxed or happy, high levels of dopamine flood your brain. Masturbation gives you a feeling of pleasure that increases, those levels of dopamine. And as you continue to do it again and again, your brain will develop a tolerance to the high level of dopamine. The receptors in your brain will not respond with the same intensity to masturbation and pornography as they did the first couple of times. Each time you will need more levels of dopamine to reach the levels of excitation.

Constant masturbation with porn trains your brain to believe that you will not receive the same pleasure with your partner and, as a result, you will have erectile dysfunction problems when you are with your wife. It is also observed that men who tend to masturbate with pornography, begin to see extreme pornography in search of high levels of dopamine, since informal pornography does not awaken them after the first couple of times. These men, while masturbating, fantasize about extreme situations that in turn produce high levels of dopamine, which usually do not occur when they are with their partner in real life. The intensity of the pornography and the intensity of the fantasies increase with time, and when these young people get into bed with their partner, their levels of emotion have gone very far from reality. The dopamine produced with the partner in real life is not enough to stimulate the receptors in your brain, which in turn control your penis. Therefore, the lack of excitement with the real life partner easily concludes that the problem is medical erectile dysfunction. However, now that you know the reality of why erectile dysfunction increases among men under 30, you can understand that This type of erectile dysfunction is erectile dysfunction induced by pornography..

What does erectile dysfunction-induced pornography mean?

With the unlimited supply of sexual images and pornography on the Internet, men are in perpetual search for something more exciting than the latest visual material. The harder the core or the graph you get, the more you expect from your person in real life. If this intensifies, he will look for more perverse ways of having sex. Or just the idea of ​​having sex with another person will physically make you unable to keep it for a long time or you will not be able to lift it at all. While your brain trains for more extreme sexual pleasures, your partner is left with the thoughts that he is not able to seduce him well. These situations usually lead to relationship problems that can not easily be discussed with anyone.

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The psychological agitation

His inability to act in the bedroom as a result of erectile dysfunction induced by pornography can seriously affect his mental state. A man with erectile dysfunction caused by continuous masturbation to pornography may suffer from performance anxiety. You will develop problems of self-consciousness, you will easily become irritated, you will be frustrated and you will have trouble sleeping. This can exert immense pressure on your relationship with your partner and your ability to socialize.

Are you really masturbating so badly?

You must have heard the saying, "Too much of anything can be bad for you"The same thing happens in this case, masturbation and especially masturbation to porn, masturbation can help prevent premature ejaculation, but doing it too often can prevent you from ejaculating completely. I hope you understand!

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

If you masturbate to porn, it is better to stop immediately. This is because you are heading down the path of self-destruction. And if you are afraid of suffering erectile dysfunction induced by pornography, you should look for the following symptoms.

Getting an erection and reaching climax is much easier while masturbating to porn compared to sex with a real life partner. You feel disinterested in sex with a partner in real life. Your partner feels that you are not interested in them sexually. Reaching an orgasm takes too much time with your partner. Actually, you would end up using your hand on real coitus. Your erection will not last for long when you're with a real life partner. Your erection will not be as difficult as it should be when you are with your partner in real life. You keep your porn secret from your partner and after sex you masturbate in secret to really get off.

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Is erectile dysfunction induced by pornography reversible?

The good news is – Yes, erectile dysfunction induced by pornography can be reversed!

How to reverse erectile dysfunction induced by pornography

To reverse erectile dysfunction induced by pornography, you must abandon pornography and masturbate to recover completely. You need to be patient and go slow. There will be times when your body will need it a lot and you will not be able to control the enthusiasm for watching pornography. But that is the moment when you need to be strict with yourself. To get on the road to recovery, you should refrain from masturbating to see pornography, no matter how badly you want it. This is not a one day challenge, it will take time and support from your partner.

It is not easy to talk about it, but you will have to talk with your partner about the whole situation and ask for their support. It may take 3 to 5 months to increase the sensitivity of your receptor to dopamine. For some people it may be faster and for some it may take more time. But since the only cure here is time and resistance, you will have to take it one day at a time.

During the recovery period, it may appear that you have completely lost your libido. But do not be afraid, since this is only temporary. When you feel weaker and can not control, go with your partner. Your motivation and support will give you strength. If you do not see any change even after 6 months, you should seek professional help from a counselor or a urologist. Be sure to inform your professional assistant about erectile dysfunction induced by pornography and not just erectile dysfunction. It will take some hard love, but if you make a mistake, do not be too hard on yourself. I hope you return to a normal life with your partner soon!

Hey you!! Yes, if you think you're not dealing with erectile dysfunction induced by pornography, read it. Because you could end up facing one day, if you do not change your habit of masturbating with porn today!


Increased erectile dysfunction among men under 30 – Know the real reason,

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