Increase your immunity during the winter by eating more of these foods

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During the winter, the cold and flu season is very important take care of your immune system. More sleep, daily exercise and stress reduction can be beneficial for your good health during the cold season.

A proper diet is very important. Fortunately, there are many fruits, vegetables and other foods that are very beneficial to our immune system. Resistance to the immunity of the body is determined by diet and how the body responds to stressors. Therefore, the foods consumed act as a shield for healthy cells, designed to strengthen and support the functions of our immune system.

In the winter, the body needs more nutrients to maintain constant body temperature, so it is advisable to eat healthier foods to avoid losing nutrients. The recipes are also recommended to prepare yourself with as many spices as possible, due to its healing properties.

Pro-biotics are healthy bacteria that cleanse the intestinal tract of germs that can cause various diseases. According to a study conducted by German researchers, the pro-biotics, which are found in the active cultivation of yogurt, shorten the manifestation of the respiratory virus up to 2 days. Consume a cup of yogurt daily to keep your immune system strong.

Sweet potatoes
Recommended to be consumed especially during the winter, due to the content of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that the body transforms into vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps us fight against various diseases.

It is considered the main food that helps fight cancer. It has a rich content of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. A very beneficial food for the organism during the winter.

Mushrooms are some of the best vegetables that help prevent and combat various diseases. This is due to the fact that fungi help multiply the white blood cells in the body. The consumption of fungi increases the production and activity of white blood cells, which makes them more aggressive in the fight against possible infections.

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Garlic has been used for thousands of years as a weapon in the fight against diseases. According to drug studies, people who consume garlic or garlic supplements are more difficult to get sick. It can be consumed daily, added in small quantities in your dishes.

The apples
Apples are rich in magnesium, iron and potassium. Raw apples are a great help for digestion and a weapon against fever and inflammation. Drinking apple juice on an empty stomach has a diuretic effect and helps prevent constipation. A wonderful fruit that will keep your body strong every day.

The kiwi is an excellent natural source of vitamin E, very important for immunity. Vitamin E helps protect against viral and bacterial infections. An interesting fact is that kiwi contains many more vitamins than citrus, including oranges.

Red and pink grapefruits
Grapefruit is an important source of vitamin C, essential for the immune system. It is an ideal option because it contains bioflavonoids that have a healing effect especially for the circulatory system, but also in the other systems of the body.

People who drank a few cups of black tea for 2 weeks were 10 times less likely to come into contact with a virus than people who drank only other regular hot drinks, as shown in a medical study conducted at Harvard. The amino acid responsible for this increase in immunity, L-theanine, is abundant in both black and green tea.

Selenium, found in fish and other seafood, helps white blood cells produce cytokines, proteins that keep colds away. Herring, salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fats, help reduce inflammation, increase airflow and protect the lungs from respiratory infections.

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Chicken Soup
A study at the University of Nebraska has shown that chicken soup stops the migration of inflammation between white cells, because cold symptoms are an effect at the cellular level. The amino acid cysteine, released by the chicken during cooking, chemically copies the medication against acetylcysteine ​​bronchitis, which explains the results of the investigation. Adding spices such as onion and garlic will greatly improve the soup's ability to boost your immune system.

Just because it is cold outside, and you need to consume more hot liquids, this does not mean that the body no longer needs 1.5 liters of water per day. In the cold season, you should not consume water from the refrigerator, but only at room temperature, so that the body is free from dehydration and, at the same time, no energy is wasted, since the body will not fight for water to reach its temperature. .

A balanced diet is sufficient to meet the daily energy needs of the body during the winter. Eat as many fruits and vegetables during the day and in the morning eat foods rich in carbohydrates.

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