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How to get perfect eyebrows

Photo of woman with perfect eyebrows.

Wishing eyebrows from a movie star? The perfect size and shape of the forehead for your face depend on your own characteristics. If your forehead were divided into thirds, the thick end should start at bridge of your nose The arch should be around the middle. The thin end should go beyond the corner of your eye.

Get thicker eyebrows

Photo of the woman applying makeup. "src ="

Fill scattered eyebrows with powder, pencil or gel. Choose two shades lighter than your hair color if you are brunette, two shades darker if you have pale blond or silver hair. When in doubt, taupe works almost everywhere in the world. Use small strokes on your bows and mix with an eyebrow brush to eliminate extra color.

Skip templates

Photo of the woman's eye. "Src ="

The perfect eyebrow is based on its unique bone structure. Using a template to draw on your eyebrows may seem to eliminate conjectures from the configuration. But you may not like the results. A stylized forehead that is a little off can make you feel angry, surprised, older or even unbalanced. No thanks! Better to work with the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Make eyebrows match your hair

Photo of a redhead woman. "Src ="

If you make a dramatic change in hair color, your eyebrows should also change. You will want to see a professional colorist. Do not dye your eyebrows at home, even if you have a really firm hand. Do you need a quick solution? Mix the mascara or the concealer on your eyebrows so that it instantly becomes darker or lighter.

Get the natural look

Photo of Camilla Belle. "Src ="

Actress Camilla Belle proves that you do not need thin, sculpted eyebrows to look modern. To get yours as exuberant as possible, do not tear a single hair for three months. Then, ask them to form professionally or move only the most obvious ones. Use an eyebrow filler for a better definition.

Use the correct tweezers

Photo of eyebrows with tweezers. "Src ="

Tip rounded or pointed? Experts like a pointed and pointed tip, especially if you have not touched before. You can keep that shape easily and grab longer hairs. For those short, stubborn hairs, turn the tweezer at an angle and pull the pointed edge.

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Can you tear off the covers?

Photo of the woman who plucks. "Src ="

It's okay, as long as you focus on the peach fuzz that's there and on your temples. Most of the actual configuration must happen below to raise the eyebrow. It starts too much from the top and you could have flat eyebrows that will make you look grumpy.

When to put the tweezers down

Photo of woman in mirror. "src ="

If you see a small point of hair growing under the skin, resist the temptation to throw it away. You do not want to break the skin and risk a scar. Wait a day and that little hair will probably peek out to the surface, ready to be ripped off. Meanwhile, if it bothers you, cover it with concealer.

Let a professional guide you

Photo of the makeup artist. "Src ="

If you are not sure of your own judgment, a hairdressing specialist can find the best way for your face. Take some pictures as a reference at home. To keep your new look fresh, lightly lift new hair growth once a week. To get the best results, make another appointment four or six weeks later.

Open your eyes

Photo of the eyelash curler. "Src ="

The curled eyelashes make you see with your eyes open. Do it before putting on the mask. Use firm pressure but do not squeeze too hard. You do not want to pinch your skin, wrinkle your eyelashes or pull them out. You may get better results by bending in stages, moving from the roots of the tabs to the tips. A curling eyelash at the corners can reach the hard-to-reach exteriors.

Brush your mascara

Photo of the woman applying mascara. "src ="

Your mascara is important to make the lashes look fuller or longer. The brush also matters! The rubber bristles cover even the smallest lashes from the root to the tip, adding length. The plastic bristles give you a clean, natural-looking lash line. The fiber bristles increase the thickness of the eyelashes and increase the fringe. If you like your mascara but you want a new look, try using a different brush. You can buy them at beauty stores.

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Smooth movements to avoid grouping

Photo of the tab. "src ="

You do not want eyes that look like creepy spiders! Dip the brush in the tube and give it a paper towel (not a tissue) to get rid of the extra mask. Another trick: turn a clean, disposable mascara wand through the moist eyelashes. For easy cleaning, without scrubbing, loosen the mask with a warm, damp cloth. Press against your closed eyes. Next, dip a cotton pad in a makeup remover for sensitive eyes. Wipe the pad down on your lashes a couple of times.

Do not fall apart

Photo of the mask. "Src ="

At the end of the day, do you have smudges of mascara on your cheeks? Look for a "tube" mask. The formulas of the tubes tend not to flake because they enclose the eyelashes. When you remove the mask with warm water, it slides like complete tubes. Expert Tip: Set your regular eyelash mask with a type of tube.

Fabulous fakes

Photo of the false eyelashes. "src ="

False eyelashes are the same as pure Hollywood glamor, but they can be hard to master. They come in complete strips and individual tabs. Hold the whip with tweezers while placing a point of glue on the top. eyelid. Allow the glue to thicken and then use the tongs to guide the flange to the lid. If you have dark skin, try a dark-tone glue made for brown or black eyelashes.

Lash Extensions: Pros and Cons

Photo of the extensions of eyelashes. "Src ="

Do you lack patience, or time? Eyelash extensions can give you a long, full and lush fringe for two or three weeks. The problem is that you can not use mascara. (You may not want to do it anyway). And you will probably have to keep them completely dry. So use a pair of swimming goggles to use while showering or washing your hair. Seriously!


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