Hyperlipidemia: Causes and Symptoms

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Hyperlipidemiaor high cholesterol, is a broad term that refers to any of several types acquired or genetic disorders that result in high levels of fat proteins in the blood.

What is hyperlipidemia?

As the name implies, hyperlipidemia is a condition in which the lipids and lipoproteins in the body are at unusually high levels, which can cause a wide range of health-related complications, most commonly with cardiovascular system. [1]

There are two main types of hyperlipidemia:

Genetic behavior (typically occurs in conjunction with diabetes)

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Any of the following causes can lead to hyperlipidemia:

Genetic predisposition Of smoking Obesity Inactive inactive Lifestyle

The symptoms

It is important to keep in mind that high blood lipid levels alone do not always show specific symptoms. Others may show some of the following symptoms of hyperlipidemia:

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In genetic or hereditary hyperlipidemia, there may be yellowish fatty growths around the eyes or joints.

Hyperlipidemia: causes and symptoms, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/hyperlipidemia-symptoms-causes.html

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