How to wash your face without soap, natural ways to clean your face without soap

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It has been proven that washing the face with soaps or washing the face is very damaging to the skin. Soaps and facial cleansers contain harmful components that can affect your skin for a prolonged period. In this world of pollution, to get rid of dirt, oil and dirt from the face, it is necessary to keep the skin healthy and shiny when washing it. How can we keep our skin free of charged chemicals? You would definitely need a more natural cleanser to take care of your skin.

Do not worry, cleaning your face without soap is actually as simple and healthy as it seems. There are several ways to wash the skin of the face without using products that contain chemicals such as soaps, washes and facial cleansers. Go ahead and start experimenting with non-soapy ways to cleanse your face, try these natural cleaners easily available in your kitchen cabinet to make your skin shine naturally.


Milk not only provides calcium for the bones, but also works wonders on the skin as a cleanser. Lactic acid in milk acts to remove dead skin cells, proteins and fat that hydrate and fill the skin, making your skin look more beautiful.

Take a small amount of whole milk in your palm and massage gently on your skin. You can also mix 2 to 4 cups of milk in your bathroom to get a cleaning effect and clean from head to toe.


As breakfast, we all know that the best and most effective option is oatmeal, but it also acts as a natural exfoliant, soft oatmeal when massaged on the skin gently exfoliates it. It is one of the best natural cleaners that hide in your kitchen.

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Grind half a cup of whole oatmeal and store it in a tight container. When you want to use it, mix it with water, oil or aloe vera to make a paste and massage it on the skin, rinse it with warm water and dry it with a soft towel. You can also add a mixture of wheat germ, cornmeal or rice powder to the oatmeal mix before cleaning your face.


Wash your face with cucumber juice or your pulp. It keeps your skin moist, hydrated and flexible due to its soft and refreshing effect. Cucumber is perfect for use on sensitive and dry skin. Apply it on your face twice or three times a week and it will transform your skin, giving it a healthy and happy glow.


Lemons are an excellent natural cleanser for oily skin and make you look younger. You can mix the lemon juice with the milk or the yogurt to obtain a rich cleanser and apply the juice after cleaning to obtain an exfoliant that does not rub. You can even apply fresh lemon juice directly to your skin, let it absorb and then moisturize. It seems that it would itch or dry your skin, but it actually feels quite refreshing, but do not put it in your eyes!


Sugar can also cleanse and cleanse your skin gently, but be sure to use a finely ground sugar that is not too rough for your face. Mix the sugar with a small amount of water or oil to make a paste. Now massage gently on your face, even the body, if you want, then wash.

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Start using honey on your skin regularly and it will make you feel amazing and amazing. Being a natural moisturizer, clean your skin. Honey is replete with antibacterial properties that have an incredible healing power that can help with irritated skin and reduce redness. Just apply it directly on the face and leave it until you feel it is sticky, you can wash it with cold water. Use it twice a week and feel the natural shine.


Tomatoes are excellent for the skin, since they have refreshing and astringent properties. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which can eliminate acne and lighten the skin. It is naturally acidic, so it helps to balance the skin and get rid of excess fat.

Take a tomato cut into two pieces, take half the piece and pour some sugar over it, let the piece absorb the sugar. Now rub your face gently with the tomato slice in a circular motion. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

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