How to treat your palpitations at home

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Palpitations are characterized by irregular heartbeats, which are sometimes too fast or too hard and even fluttering. They can be a terrible thing to experience and the first thing you should do in case this happens is not to do it. panic! Believe it or not, it will make the rhythm of your heart go crazy; Instead, you should try to relax, since the palpitations are often generated by excessive stress and anxiety. Try the following home remedies to reduce the discomfort caused by palpitations.

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Breathing deeply. Panic attacks often cause the appearance of palpitations, therefore, to control the beating of your heart, you should practice breathing exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to gain power over your palpitations, while controlling your breathing. At first, it will be difficult to concentrate on your breathing, but it will improve over time and you will notice improvements. Cold water. If you feel that your heart rate is out of control, you can also try rinsing your face with cold water. You can also try to take a cold shower. The effect that cold water generates on your body will restart your heart rate. However, if you tend to catch cold easily, this remedy is not recommended for you to try. Thanks to its richness in fiber, the use of guava it will help you reduce blood pressure; therefore, the frequency of seizures and palpitations decreases. Consume it on an empty stomach to benefit from its properties. Honey and lemon Prepare a drink that contains lemon juice and honey and that will reduce the regularity of the palpitations, since it stimulates the adequate sanguine circulation. Meditation and Yoga. This is a popular practice that helps you cope with stressful dispositions and panic attacks, which are very common in palpitations. It is an effective method that helps you control your breathing; therefore it helps you achieve control over your heart rate. In addition, it improves the health condition of your nervous system, preventing the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Try coughing. When you notice the appearance of heart palpitations, try coughing very hard to restore the heart rate. Sometimes, this is all that is needed to get back to normal. Fresh organic grape juice It is also recommended for those who suffer from palpitations. Its objective is to establish the correct heart rate, stimulating an adequate blood circulation. If you want to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle, including exercise In your daily routine is essential. A sedentary lifestyle determines poor blood circulation, which can trigger the onset of a heart condition later. Therefore, at least 30 minutes a day, you should try to exercise to decrease the frequency of palpitations.

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Keep in mind that these home practices should not replace the proper treatment. If you suffer from acute palpitations, it is advisable to make an appointment with the doctor.


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