How to store grapes

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Know how to store grapes is as important as knowing how to choose them and prepare their juice or came fortunately, in the last thousands of years of grape The cultivation, the best storage techniques are well known.

How to choose the grapes?

Before deciding how to store. grapes, you must choose the right type of grapes, and depending on the color you want, you will have to look for different characteristics.

Step 1 – Check the color of the grapes; Green grapes should be slightly yellow-green when you pick them up. Red grapes should be mainly red when harvested, while black grapes should have an intense and rich color before being harvested. Step 2 – Once the grapes are picked, the best ones will be firm and plump, and should not be separated from the stems. Also, the stems should not be woody or brittle Choose those grapes that still have flexible or green stems. Step 3 – White light. powder It is often seen in grapes is completely natural, and is a sign that the grapes are developing very well. Step 4 – Once you choose the best grapes and bring them home, do not wash them, as excess Water It will really accelerate the wilting process.

How to store the grapes?

After choosing the healthiest and ripe grapes for their juice, wine or snack pleasure, storing them in a way that helps them stay cool and chubby is crucial. [1] Improper storage will cause your grapes to wilt and become moldy relatively soon, while proper storage can help keep the grapes fresh for up to 2 months!

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Step 1 – Store your grapes in the fridgeIt is sharper, which should be set between 30 and 32 degrees. Step 2: Make sure the drawer has a high humidity setting; Put it on 90% or more. Step 3 – Avoid placing the grapes in the path of a ventilation system in the fridge. Step 4: Keep the grapes in the plastic package, which usually has holes in the bag for ventilation. Step 5 – Rinse well in cold The water before eating.

To summarize the process in a few lines, we can say that check the color of the grapes and make sure they are firm and round, and that they should not be separated from the stems. Store the grapes in the refrigerator and rinse with cold water before eating them.

How to store grapes, reference:

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