How to soothe a burned tongue

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A burned tongue can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and, sometimes, a tingling sensation in the affected area. In extreme cases, a more severe burn can cause tissue damage that swells and take a long time to heal.

remedies for the burned tongue

Usually, the accident is caused by a hot drink or a food that contains cheese or other dairy products that heat up quickly.

There are some natural remedies that will offer relief to the burned tongue or other areas of the mouth, which are safe to ingest and are best applied immediately after the incident.

Get relief using cold water

The British Burn Association recommends that you apply cold water to the area. This should be the first thing you should do to deal with the pain and make sure you have a faster healing process. If possible, keep your tongue under cold water for several minutes. In case the situation does not allow you to do that, take a glass of cold water and take sips. By keeping the water in your mouth until it warms up and repeating the process, it will relieve the discomfort.

Make a mixture of salt water.

After having cooled the tongue, to prevent an infection, it is recommended to mix half a spoon of salt in a glass of warm water and shake the liquid in the mouth for 30 seconds, then repeat the process several times. times a day, for a few days.

The salt will ensure that you do not have blisters or a bacterial infection and it will also help you with the healing process.

Accelerates the healing process by applying honey.

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Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey acts as a natural remedy for the damaged area. The Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters magazine says that honey can do wonders even in cases of bacteria that do not react to antibiotics.

By producing hydrogen peroxide, honey accelerates healing, reducing swelling and minimizing pain. If possible, use Manuka honey because it contains an excellent antimicrobial agent.

Keep a teaspoon of honey in your mouth for a few minutes and repeat the process a couple of times a day.

Use Greek yogurt

The consistency of the yogurt will ensure that the burned area is covered, which will relieve the pain. In addition, yogurt will quickly calm your tongue and eliminate discomfort.

Stay away from these types of foods during the healing process

Avoid spices that damage the affected area and produce pain, such as chili, black pepper or ginger. Do not drink hot tea and take extra precautions with your food, testing them first. Skip anything that contains citric acid, such as lemons or grapefruit. They will irritate the burned area. Leave the salty and crunchy extra treats for another day. French fries, peanuts, pretzels will leave your tongue sore and tingly.

Whether you choose to go with honey, salt water, yogurt or try them all, you will feel better with these natural remedies and the affected area will heal faster and be protected against bacteria.

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