How to remove kidney stones naturally: 4 miraculous infusions

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If you ever suffered from kidney stones, you know how heartbreaking the pain is. And if you experienced this problem before, you should be careful in the future, because the risk of another stone is quite large.

Some kidney stones are so large that they can not be removed without surgery. The removal of large kidney stones can cause problems if they determine urine retention in the kidney, so if you experience significant pain, it is recommended to seek a doctor immediately. However, if they measure less than two centimeters, they can be eliminated naturally, through herbal teas.


To eliminate kidney stones naturally, it is very important to drink at least two liters of water per day. Here are some herbal teas that help eliminate kidney stones:

one. Cherry tart tea

• Cherry tart tea is rich in vitamin C, but it also contains other substances that have a great detoxifying role. It is known for its properties to "dissolve" kidney stones, so it is recommended to use this tea for kidney stones or renal sands as well as for the prevention of kidney diseases. Drink 2-3 cups of cherry cola tea per day, and then water up to 2 liters per day.

two. Birch tea

• It is a good diuretic tea, choleretic, antiseptic. This is why birch tea is useful in kidney infections. It is also highly recommended in the treatment of kidney stones and kidney sand. In addition, birch tea reduces cholesterol, making it an important remedy to prevent cardiovascular disease. It increases immunity and has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic function, fighting infections. Birch tea easily reduces uric acid from the blood, purifying the whole body.

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3. Corn silk tea

• It has been known since antiquity for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects. Corn silk tea is used successfully in the removal of kidney stones and kidney sand. It is also highly indicated as a soothing tea in the prevention of menstrual pain and nervous irritability.

Four. Horsetail tea

• Horsetail tea is considered a panacea. It has important functions in the circulatory system. It successfully relieves heartburn, improves vision and treats kidney stones and sand. 3 cups of horsetail tea per day are recommended for kidney stones and microlithiasis. Drink this tea to eliminate kidney stones, sand and many other diseases easily.

Important caution

Consumed in excess (more than 3-4 cups per day), these teas can show the opposite effect: they contain substances that can facilitate the formation of kidney stones.

Note: This information does not replace medical advice. Do not use this information for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

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