How to protect yourself from EMF radiation

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We live in a technological era that humanity has never seen before. Over the course of a century, we have progressed from the transport of horses and carts to machines that fly from man to moon.

In the blink of the last decade, the Internet and communications became available to our fingers … literally. Hello, smartphones!

While technology may offer some amazing benefits for modern man, it has also generated public health concerns on the part of experts. Despite its debatable advantages, how often do others stop to ask us if our technical world is really good for us?

More specifically, has our electronic society become the victim of a widespread phenomenon known as electromagnetic field radiation (EMFR)?

What is EMFR?

EMFR is created by an accumulation of electrical charge. It impregnates the world in which we live, but it is invisible to the human eye. The EMFR can occur naturally and is part of the Earth's Magnetic Field that guides a navigational compass. EMFR is also generated by natural phenomena such as electrical storms.

In addition to these natural sources, EMFR is emitted by artificial devices. Examples of human sources of EMFR include:

X-rays Radio waves Television antennas Base stations of mobile telephony Wireless and mobile cell phones. Microwave oven

Virtually all electronic equipment also generate some form of EMFR.

Why is EMFR dangerous?

now it is estimated that people spend more time on their computers And mobiles that are dedicated to sleep. Every day, our bodies receive a deluge of EMFR that we would not have to face in our natural environment.

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While the precise mechanisms of damage are still unclear, the researchers believe that EMFR attacks our bodies at the cellular level by damaging our DNA. This triggers a series of stress responses that can have widespread health consequences. Other research suggests that EMFR alters the glucose metabolism of our brain cells and possibly stimulates abnormal cell activity.

EMFR of mobile and electronic devices has now been potentially linked to:

Headaches Brain tumors Sterility Lower bone mineral density (near areas such as bags where phones are worn) Weakest immunity Impaired sleep, memory and cognitive function (if you sleep near cell phones) Possible behavior changes Early start Alzheimer's disease

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer announced that all cell phones are considered a Class B carcinogen. To put this in context, this class of carcinogens is shared with toxins such as exhaust gases from diesel engines, heavy metals and certain pesticides.

A large-scale study by Swedish researchers found that participants who had the highest use of cell phones were twice as likely to develop glioma (a type of brain tumor). This finding was reinforced by an epidemiological review, which found that the use of cell phones for more than ten years doubles the risk of developing a brain tumor near the area of ​​the head where the phone is usually placed.

What can we do about it?

In our modern lifestyle, it is difficult to completely avoid the EMFR mobile phone (without becoming an inmate). We suggest some easy tips that you can use to protect against potentially harmful high doses:

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Minimize phone time. If you can, why not catch up with your loved ones in person? Keep long conversations to have precious time with your family and friends. Use your headphones. If you can not speak in person, use an appropriate headset or hearing aids to keep EMFR away from sensitive brain tissue. Text Vs Talk. We believe that communication in person is ideal, but we understand that this is not always possible. Therefore, consider sending a quick text instead of calling if you are communicating from a distance. Small, short calls still create an EMPR exposure that builds up over time! Protect yourself. Invest in a good quality EMFR protection device. This will strengthen your bioenergy field and increase your immune system. At Food Matters, we personally use and recommend the 'Cellsafe Funder Silicon Case for Cellsafe Radiation Exposure Reducer for iPhone 5'. You can order your own Amazon. Knowledge is power. This item just scratches the surface! Watch 'Full Signal' on FMTV. This fascinating documentary delves into the controversy surrounding the cell phone and EMFR industry. For further exploration of harmful energies, our bodies and how to release them, Emotion It is another must see. Not on FMTV? Know more here.

Have you had any experience with EMFR? Help others and share your tips below!


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