How to protect yourself from cell phone radiation that causes cancer

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More than 90 percent of American adults use cell phones, but relatively little is known about their safety. Several consumer groups have expressed concern that radiation from cell phones can cause cancer. In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IACR), a division of the World Health Organization (WHO), formally categorized mobile phones as a "carcinogenic risk", and He compared them with the dangers of exhaust gases, chloroform and lead. .

The statement was reached after 31 scientists from 14 countries analyzedRevised studies on the use of cell phones and cancer safety. The scientists discovered that the use of mobile phones in the long term increased the risk of developing malignant brain tumors and, subsequently, reported that cell phones were "potentially carcinogenic to humans."

However, the evidence did not reach a conclusive verdict on the effect of cell phones and cancer radiation on other cancers. This may be because decades of exposure to radiation are needed before a definitive understanding of the results can be determined. In addition, cancer, particularly brain cancer, develops over a prolonged period of time, which makes it difficult to reach conclusive results in a timely manner.

In 2016, a $ 25 million animal study was conducted to investigate the possibility of links between cancer and chronic exposure to the type of radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices. The findings, which are a chronicle of a large number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation from the uterus, present some of the strongest evidence to date that such exposure is associated with the formation of cancers in the brain and heart of rats. The results of this study have reignited the debate on whether daily exposure to cell phones could affect human health.

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The European Environment Agency states that Cell phones are as dangerous to health as smoking, leaded gasoline and asbestos., and is actively lobbying for more studies on the risks of using mobile phones. Perhaps the issue of greatest concern is how cell phones can be affecting children and young people, and although studies have not been conducted, it is logical to think that the risks are even greater in this younger age group. This is because the skulls and scalp of children are thinner than those of adults, and children's cells divide at a faster rate, indicating that radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain. of a child.

Although more studies are needed, our current understanding of the risks of extended cell phone use, which includes the results of an international study that showed that People who used cell phones for 10 years had twice the rate of malignant brain tumors.It is serious enough to warrant extreme caution.

So, how should you protect yourself from the dangers of using cell phones and the risk of developing cancer? A good policy would be to use the speakerphone function or a wired headset instead of holding your cell phone against your head. When choosing a headset, look for one with a ferrite bead, since the wire emits radiation in your ear and is designed to absorb radiation. When using the speakerphone function, hold the cell phone at a minimum distance of a few centimeters from your head and body; the ideal is 12 to 24 inches. Never use your phone or keep it in your pocket or attach it to your belt, as this will allow the phone to emit radiation on your body. Turn off your phone at night or use a cell phone protector (such as DefenderShield Case) or a disc with adhesive backing (like The Neutralizer by Aulterra) that neutralizes EMF and makes them harmless to the human body.

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