How to overcome a break

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Do you still think about your ex? Without a doubt, thinking about all those memories makes you sad. Well, these are some of the ways you can get back to your normal life and you do not need to think about them anymore.

What would happen if I thought and decided to deal with this? What happens if we approach the break in the same way we approach to cook or a new exercise plan?

If you're tired of everything while listening to those sad songs, these are the eight ways that will help you deal with your breakup.

Go easy with your ex, as if you did not care

The best way to deal with this is to show them that you do not care and that you never became addicted. Throw away all the cards, gifts, etc. that have been delivered to you or keep them in the box and remove them. Do not go there where you know that person can be, do not write and do not call. If you show your ex that you do not mind the breakup, your ex will think you are one of the lovely people who will not be left alone for so long.

When you begin to realize that you are not affected at all, you will begin to think about the decision you made, did I make the right decision?

Instead, go out with your best friends, have fun with them and this will calm you down. Also, try to focus on exercises that motivate you, give you energy and positivity. Relieves all endorphins that will make the pain disappear.

Take some medications to relieve your pain

This hurts a lot, it feels like someone is hitting your chest hard when you think of all the memories that you both created together. When you think that now nobody would be there to tickle your back when you fall asleep or your last trip when you thought that we would go there and have fun.

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This pain is not only in your mind, but it is physical. This may seem a little strange, but according to the research, consuming aspirin can alleviate some of your physical and emotional pain.

Do not live in separation instead of reflecting

After the break, people become experts in talking about everything about your ex. From this, not only do they think about their failed relationship, but they also begin to feel close to the person they are losing.

It's nice to talk to someone about your failed relationship, but make sure you do not talk too much about it. Reflect calmly on a break, since living in it will not help.

The study has shown that people who recovered from their breakups were quickly asked to visit the center regularly to answer questions about their relationship and separation, and this helped them process things better.

Give the first preference to your physical health

This is the fact that the breakdown severely affects your mental and physical health. Suddenly, your favorite food starts to seem like a waste for you. Research has found that people who were in a long-term relationship tend to think about each other's biological rhythms.

A break can cause your whole body system to come out of the flow, such as lack of sleep, lack of appetite, heart rate and body temperature. Your stress can also affect your immune system.

Think about doing something that you can do mentally and physically that is under your control, such as strengthening yourself and reducing cholesterol. These types of goals will help you restore the sense of control in your life. It is important to take good care of your body: eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and talk with people close to you.

Time heals all

Yes, it has been said that "time cures everything". In fact, it is true that time is something that heals everything. Remember the time you lost five kilos in just two days and spent nine hours researching things. The more time you spend, the more distance you will have from that person and the less it will hurt.

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Even some people lost their loved ones, but this is the time that takes care of them and heals them all. Stay away from all the stupidities and that day will come when the person in your head will come out of that.

Return to yourself

We all know the person who after a break does something drastic in his life. Whether we stay bald, we cut our hair, we pierce ourselves, we die, we move to another country, etc., we all know it.

It has been said in the research that knowing a real person after their separation is the best key to move forward. Know yourself, indulge yourself, go shopping with your girls and enjoy your life.

See for the same story in the third person.

Self-distancing is something that researchers study and that allows people to go emotionally when verifying the experience in the third person. Both the person thinks about their memories from the perspective of first or third person. When someone feels from the first person, they put on their shoes and alleviate everything, since all that is happening again.

Try not to stalk on the internet

These days, the Internet is almost everywhere, it is at home, at work and even in your hands. It is even waiting to be used by you in the middle of the night while you see a dream about your ex.

This is not the best way to beat your ex, and this will even keep your ex's memories in the search history, which is not good at all. Obviously, stopping is not the solution, but blocking them, replacing them or leaving social networks for some time.

So, what are you waiting for? Continue and take these suggestions to get away from your breakup.

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