How to motivate yourself when times are difficult!

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"I have lost my will to work, I have lost my will to do anything, all ideas are stagnant and I find it difficult to move!" – Does it sound familiar?

That's what happens when you lose your mojo or you just are not motivated enough to work, live, move, almost anything. It is a universal experience. Most people go through this lack of motivation at some time or another during their life.

In a minute, everything is fine, you are doing 10 different things, running around here and there, all loaded, and the next minute: Poof, everything is gone!

Why did this happened?

When the movement becomes inertia?

To answer this question, let me be honest, there is no concrete list of reasons.

The most apparent or understandable reasons are:

A recent change in your life Unable to make the right decisions Go through a crisis Monotony Deadlines Work effort Unhappy with work No objective or objective Wrong objective No external motivation

and the list can go on and on

But the point here is that the lack of motivation or lack of that energy jolt can set your confidence back for you, your work or your business for days, months, even years …

Is there anything you can do about it? Of course he can! You can self-motivate yourself!

Sounds difficult? It really is not.

All you need to do is stop everything you're doing right now and read these steps.

Actually, it is quite easy and quite fun to follow these few ideas.

Unlearning to focus a lot – Stop for a minute and ask yourself: "What do I focus on right now?" "What am I obsessing about?" Did you receive your response? Now take a short break, relax, go for a walk or have a coffee. Simply, pause for a while. Because everything that obsesses you clearly is not helping you. When you focus on negative or unproductive probabilities, you will experience a kind of blockage, it could be mental or creative. Take a break, get distracted, it can be for a few minutes, for a few hours, even days. Take a break, relax and recover. You will notice an improvement in your thoughts and your life. Change the routine – I'm sure you would have read or heard about this many times. That's because it's true! I'm not talking about big changes, but some small ones can increase happiness, raise your spirits and recharge your creativity with novelty. Changes such as maintaining a simple morning routine or a nightly routine can bring a novelty in your life that will make you happy and full of energy, a simple exercise, a 5-minute meditation exercise, herbal tea at sunset, an incredible book for read before going to sleep. Cooking, playing with your children, almost any change in your regular routine will help. Meet new people – So, what I mean by this is that meeting people that will inspire you, motivate you or make you feel good. I do not mean to say, throw or go to a party where you get drunk and faint. Do not! But, meet like-minded people, people who share your vision or idea of ​​life, business or work. Join a club, community, visit local events related to your work. Now there are many ways to connect virtually with communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Or you can go the old school way and ask someone you want to connect to by having a cup of coffee. Educate yourself – The delay or lack of confidence is the result of less awareness. You do not have to be an expert in everything, but you must be aware of what you think is holding you back. It is very important to be open to learn new ideas or update on a new trend in business or work, even if you think you know almost everything because those who think they "know everything" are rarely successful! When you educate yourself, there is clarity, awareness of the areas where you lack confidence, which is a good start for the brain and its thought patterns. The more you educate yourself, the better! Self-care – Self-care is a reinforcement of happiness, especially for women. Taking time to get a good massage or a hair spa or even a good mani-pedi will raise that dull mood. It is a great energy charger. When you take care of yourself, give yourself the priority, your tense muscles relax, which in turn helps creative thinking and increases productivity. A good night's sleep, a foot massage, a diary, doing yoga, a hot shower, just anything, will recharge your boring mind and leave you motivated.

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These are some ways that will help in self-motivation. But let me tell you, there must be some consistency to make it work. You have to do the work to feel motivated. You can not recharge by practicing only for one day. It will make you happy and motivate you for that moment, but the next day you will again feel unmotivated and the cycle will continue.

Be consistent and practice it every day to experience the change and the motivation you are looking for.

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