How to make wool dryer balls – So easy and so cheap

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Wool Dryer Balls Final2

To reduce electricity and use of the dryer, throw a few balls of wool for the dryer. They help reduce static and soften clothes. How? As the felt wool gently rubs the fibers of the garment, they soften the clothes naturally and the sponge separates the clothes that would otherwise be piled up. Of course, wool dryer balls are available to buy online or in some stores, but they are very easy to make. That is how…


Wool dryer ball supplies

100% wool yarn (no blends or anything labeled "superwash") Essential oils (Optional) Pantyhose or old pillowcase

A note on wool

Only 100% wool will be felt. Have you ever had a wool sweater that accidentally got in the wash and shrunk so small that it would probably only fit a small child? That's because he was feeling in the wash. When the wool fibers are shaken by the temperature (hot water) and the agitation (of the washing), the fibers are rubbed together and fixed in the nearby fibers to form a tighter mass. This is what we know as felt. Only natural animal fibers (hair) will be felt. You can get wool in skins, which felt better, in craft stores or in yarn suppliers, but they cost more. As long as the yarn is 100% wool (any brand) it will work.

Make a ball

Wool Dryer Balls Bearings

Begin winding the thread for a few turns around your index finger and middle finger. Then, slide the thread loops and begin to wind the thread around the loops.

Rolling2 Wool Dryer Balls

Begin to spin the ball after turning several times in one direction. You will see how a ball begins to form.

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Wool dryer Balls Rolling3

Make the balls of yarn the size of tennis balls. Tuck the ends of the patio into the balls to prevent them from coming loose during the felt process. I wove it under several threads to make sure they are secure before putting it in the center of the ball.

How to feel

Place the yarn balls in an old pillowcase or pantyhose. If you use a hose, be sure to tie a knot between each so that they have their own separate compartments. I have good luck with just throwing them in a pillow case. There are some problems, but I just cut the loose end. Also, I do not wear pantyhose and I never have any on hand!

Pull the balls of the wool dryer in the washing machine and heat cycle two or three times, preferably with a load of towels or other clothes. Place them in the dryer with the other clothes and let them dry. Remove from the bag, and ta-da! Your balls of wool must be felted.

Final wool ball dryer

The wool balls must be fuzzy and a solid piece (does not fray).

How to use wool dye balls


To use the balls of your wool dryer, simply throw them in the dryer when you put on wet clothes. To add a scent, put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the balls before putting them in the dryer. Store the balls in a container when not in use. Enjoy your clothes free of static, soft.

Reference:, by Debbie Wolfe

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