How to make the vinegar pregnancy test at home

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The vinegar test is one of the simple home pregnancy tests that use vinegar. It is considered the most reliable method of all home pregnancy tests due to its immediate reaction with the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for fast results. This hormone is formed in the placenta and helps nourish the egg after fertilization. It is also a safe method because vinegar does not have adverse reactions with urine if used correctly before its expiration date expires.

Prerequisites for the test

In this process, you will need white distilled vinegar because of its clear nature and, therefore, will allow you to notice the color changes. Avoid red vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

You also need the first urine collected early in the morning. This urine is considered the best to perform this test because it is highly concentrated and has components that can react with vinegar.

How to perform the pregnancy test vinegar?

Take a clear plastic container and properly sterilized and add about one cup of vinegar. In it, add about half a cup of the urine sample you have collected, stir the mixture and then observe a color change for about five minutes.

If the color of the mixture does not change, it means that the result is negative. However, if the color tends to change, it means a positive effect, and you should consult your doctor for prenatal counseling. The mixture generally produces foam and so on and this should not bring confusion as far as the result is concerned. It is a regular occurrence, and does not mean a positive effect. Therefore, you should concentrate only on the change of color.

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How reliable is the vinegar pregnancy test?

As mentioned above, this test has proven to be the best of all home tests. However, the reliability of this test may be compromised by certain factors and practices.

If you are taking medication, it is recommended that you wait until you finish the medication before you can perform this test. For example, if you are taking medication to correct the hormonal imbalance in the body, the vinegar will not be able to detect the hormone hCG in the urine and, as a result, there will be no reaction. Similarly, a woman who takes antibiotics may not get accurate results, since the medical condition can make the urine change color but not as a result of pregnancy. Another challenge is the insignificant change in the color of the mixture. You need a close observation and less distraction, otherwise you will not notice any difference.

The quality of the urine used also determines the accuracy of the result. The urine collected during the last hours of the day is not the best to perform the test. Because its quality can be compromised by other liquids taken, such as coffee and water. So it is recommended that you collect urine from the morning hours when you get up.

It is recommended that you use a clean and properly sterilized container to ensure that it is free of contaminants and chemicals. The presence of these can react with the urine and, consequently, cause the vinegar to have an incorrect color change.

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