How to make rosemary oil

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Know to do Rosemary oil It can save you money and make sure you know all the ingredients of this powerful natural remedy.

Rosemary the oil is a essential oil that has been steam distilled from the top flowers of the Rosemary plant, known scientifically as Rosmarinus officinalis. [1] Speaking medicinally, Rosemary oil It has been used for countless conditions, including relief stress Y anxiety, boosting cognitive function, reducing inflammation, curing indigestion, and increasing the immune system. [2] Due to the high concentrations of certain chemical compounds, it is not recommended to be used Internally and should be kept away from the eyes, nose and ears. [3]

How to make rosemary essential oil?

Certain people choose to make their own rosemary essential oil at home to save money, especially if they plan to use the oil in a diffuser, which can use a modest amount of oil every week. If you want to learn how to make rosemary oil, start by gathering ingredients, oil, fresh rosemary and astove.

how to make rosemary oil

Step 1: Remove the fresh leaves of rosemary from the stem. You will need 1 cup for oil preparation. Step 2: Choose a taste without flavor and high. smoke-point of oil, preferably sunflower or safflower oil. Step 3: Add two cups of this oil to your slow cooker. Stage 4: Add the cup of fresh rosemary to the slow cooker. Step 5: Heat on low heat for 6 hours. Step 6: Turn off the slow cooker and let the mixture stand for 1-2 hours. Step 7: Strain the oil to remove the rosemary leaves. Step 8: The remaining oil can be stored in a airtight Container and is ready to use!

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(Note that if you do not have a slow cooker, place the oil and rosemary in a glass jar on the windowsill in the sun for 1-2 weeks).

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