How to make ROSE VINEGAR – tons of uses and a simple recipe (video)

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Rose vinegar is usually made of fresh rose petals because they have a more intense perfume and color. But you can also use dried petals, as we did.

Put a cup of apple cider vinegar in a kettle and heat slowly. Do not let it boil. It should be hot enough to stimulate the infusion process and also highlight the colors more quickly. You can also use cold vinegar.

Meanwhile, take a clean and dry mason jar and fill it with rose petals. Leave them loose.

Pour over the hot vinegar and push them with the back of a spoon to immerse them in the liquid. If necessary, pour more vinegar to cover the petals completely.

How to make rose vinegar

Place the lid and let the rose marinate for 2 weeks. It is recommended to use a plastic lid or place a plastic sheet over the mouth of the bottle to prevent the vinegar from ingesting the metal.

The bottle should be kept away from the sun during the maceration process and afterwards.

After 2 weeks, strain the vinegar and discard the rose petals. Pour the rose vinegar into a clean, dry bottle and keep it in a dark place.

Rose vinegar

How to use rose vinegar

Rose vinegar can be an easy, natural and safe remedy for a large number of health problems.

Since it has a cooling effect, it can be applied on inflamed skin, on insect bites or on itchy skin. If you use it in a child, dilute the vinegar with 1 to 10 parts of water.

You can use rose vinegar for minor wounds, rashes, abrasions or sunburn (dilute 1 part of vinegar with 3 parts of water and spray it on your skin).

Uses of rose vinegar

This remedy can also work for rosacea, headaches (massaging the temples), fever, hair rinse, rheumatic pain or fainting.



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