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Would you buy foods labeled "Kinda Natural" or "Made with partially natural material"?

I did not think so … And food labeling specialists know it too!

A non-profit organic food group (Organic voices) has produced an online parody video that points out the differences between natural and unnatural foods, or really the lack of difference when it comes to food labeling.

"The natural effect" is a comic video featuring an advertising executive who shares his little secret about how "natural" labeling works and what foods can be approved to use the "natural" golden word on their labels.

As the executive in the video confesses, "your product may contain growth hormones and antibiotics. Simply throw that natural word there. Maybe add a photo of a barn?

Voila! "By adding natural to your package, you increase the purchase intention and people think you are as healthy as they are organic, and we take pride in this kind of confusion."

Basically, unless the food company adds fragments of glass, nails or highly illegal drugs to your food products, they will probably be approved!

What is the key message for this video?

Do not rely on the label on the front of the package, be sure to always read the fine print of the ingredient panel and stay away from any product that includes ingredients that you can not pronounce or consider unsafe for your body.

One label you can rely on is the "100% certified organic USDA" product logo that requires all ingredients to be 100% organic. Just be careful as there are two labels that USDA Organic distributes, and one omits the "100%", which means that only 95% of the ingredients must be organic.

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I hope you enjoy this funny but serious video on how to discredit the myths of "natural" foods.

Sometimes people laugh at a problem so that the message really sinks.

In good health,


Do you think it is time for food labels to be properly controlled and more transparent with respect to their non-natural ingredients?


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