How to make a massage of hair and scalp, benefits of scalp massage

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Massaging your hair is an excellent way to help you avoid premature aging, strengthen your roots and also relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The massages on the scalp have proven to be a very effective aid for hair growth and really increase the thickening of your hair.

You can massage your scalp with any oil of your choice. Pour a little oil in a bowl and heat it while keeping this bowl of oil in hot water. The oil should be hot but comfortable when touched. Now, with the fingertips in a circular motion, apply it evenly throughout the hair and scalp.

While massage does not press the fingers too hard, start gently and then gradually increase the pressure on the scalp.

After finishing the massage, leave the oil on the scalp for about 20 to 30 minutes and then wash your hair. This process, in addition to encouraging the growth of new hair and the possibility of having thicker hair.

Suggested list of oils for scalp massages.

Coconut oil
Almonds oil
Beaver oil
Olive oil
Tea tree oil

Or you can mix all the coconut, the almond and the olive oil, it gives excellent results, I use this mixture mainly and I feel that it really works for me.

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