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With about 17,000 species of native flora in the United States, plus tens of thousands of additional species of other plants (not to mention algae and mosses), even the most experienced botanist would not recognize it. Each plant were found

However, it is frustrating when you discover a beautiful wild flower or bush of unusual appearance, and struggle to discern their gender.

Instead of wasting time tracking websites or asking your gardener friends, why not just take a moment and have an application do the work for you?

Although they are not completely infallible, these thirteen applications and online tools are some of the best ways to quickly and easily identify plants from images.

1. Snap plant

Plant Snap is a relatively new plant identification application that benefits from machine learning to constantly improve the results of its identification. Now he claims to be able to recognize 90% of the plant species and expects to reach 100% in the near future. The more people use it regularly, the faster it will improve.

get it here.

2. Planting

This multiple collaboration plant recognition tool allows users to upload a photo of any plant they find, while the community team tries to recognize it correctly. Easy to use and completely free, Plantifier even allows you to save the photos you take in your personal collection for future reference!

Get Plantifier for Apple or Android.

3. LeafSnap

Probably one of the best applications of this type, LeafSnap has been developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution.

This free mobile application uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves, and the image bank contains beautiful images of leaves, flowers, fruits, petioles, seeds and bark.

Obtain LeafSnap for Apple here.

4. I like that garden

The free LikeThat Garden app uses a patented visual search technology to identify the flowers in your image. Once you upload your photo, you can instantly retrieve information about the plant in question, as well as look for similarly inspired flowers and ideas.

Obtain LikeThat Garden for Apple or Android here.

5. Garden compass plant / disease identifier

Upload a photo of a plant to this mobile application and a team of experts in prestigious plants around the world will help you identify exactly what you are seeing. They will even tell you how to grow and care for it!

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In addition, these gardening advisors will identify the insects that you ate in your plants or the signs of diseases that affect the health of your garden flora and will provide information on how to eliminate the problem.

Obtain Garden compass for Apple or Android here.

6. GardenTags

GardenTags is described as "A community of gardeners, from budding novices to expert botanists and everyone in between!

Along with the identification of unknown flowers with the help of the community, this free application gives you access to the inspiration and advice of planting, the encyclopedia of plants generated by the community and a list of plant care tasks. You can even keep a photographic record of your garden and plant collection in one place or upload photos of your gardening successes to inspire others!

Obtain GardenTags for Apple and Android here.

7. FlowerChecker

This plant identification service, driven by a team of botanists, has already identified more than 138,000 plants loaded by users, a number that grows every day. Given the team's qualifications behind this, it is one of the most accurate applications that exist.

Simply take a photograph of the plant you are trying to identify and send it, through the application, to the experts (a small identification fee applies). Approximately half of all queries are answered in an hour, so you will not have to wait too long to discover what you are seeing!

Obtain FlowerChecker for Apple and Android here.

8. My garden answers

My Garden Answers is the number one downloaded gardening application of all time and now has more than half a million users.

Provide instant identification of the plant, simply point and click. You can also discover if the plant in question has a problem of pests or diseases or you can ask for advice and recommendations to experts in gardening. The application also allows you to easily and conveniently access all your previous questions and answers.

Instantaneous identification of the plants is free, but a fee applies when "Ask the expert".

Obtain My garden answers for Apple and Android here.

9. Search for Google images / Google Goggles

Google offers a couple of options for those who want to identify images (and not just flowers) for free.

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Do a Google image search by loading the image of the plant and including some keywords. The search engine should return visually similar images that can help you in your search for identification.

Another option is the Google Goggles application that works similarly.

Access Search for Google images here, or get the Google Goggles app for Android.

10. GrowIt

GrowIt is a free application that allows gardeners around the world to connect with each other. In addition to asking your fellow growers to help you identify unusual plants, you can share your own photos of plants, obtain information on plant care, create shopping wish lists and use the knowledge of your plant to help others.

Obtain GrowIt for Apple and Android here.

11. NatureGate

Identify plants and flowers while traveling, without an Internet connection! Once you download the free flower identification tool, you can begin to identify more than 700 species. The identification process allows you to specify the height, color, shape of the leaf and more than one plant, and contains detailed photos to compare.

Animal lovers can even use the application to identify birds, fish and butterflies based on images and filtered by age, gender or season.

Obtain NatureGate for Apple and Android here.

12. iPflanzen

iPflanzen, together with iForest or iGarten, allows you to accurately identify and learn about a wide variety of plants, trees and shrubs in the garden, park, forest or home.

The application requires that you enter criteria such as the shape of the sheet, the color, etc. to be able to find out what you are seeing and the results are accompanied by an image, a common and scientific name and more information.

Obtain iPflanzen for Apple here.

13 [email protected]

[email protected] is an application to share and recover images for the identification of plants, with different applications available for your specific area (including Western Europe, Indian Ocean, South America and North Africa).

The application has more than 6,400 separate plant entries in its database and compares its image with hundreds of thousands of individual images of leaves, flowers and fruits.

Obtain [email protected] for Apple and Android here.

Reference:, by Jayne Leonard

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