How to get rid of underarm rashes

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Sometimes, a person can identify irregular, scaly, and red rashes under the arm. These rashes can be irritating and annoying. Anyone who notices any Signs and symptoms of any rash in the armpit. You may wonder what these eruptions are. What causes them? Are they curable? What if it is curable how can they be treated? The review of this article contains all the answers to these questions. An individual should not assume any type of rash under the arm, but should seek medical attention for diagnosis.

What is an underarm rash?

It can be defined as any change in the appearance of the skin of the armpit. Your armpit can turn reddish especially for brown, swollen and lumpy skin, scaly or with blisters. Rashes can be painful or painless, depending on the cause and type of outbreak. The armpit eruption can start at one point and spread to the other parts of the armpit.

In addition, underarm rashes may appear at one stage of life and then disappear, while some rashes are prolonged, meaning the infection takes a long time to disappear. The duration of the disappearance of the underarm rash depends on the cause of the underarm rash and the method of treatment adopted.

Causes of Armpit Eruptions

There are several causes of underarm rashes that include;

Contact with allergens

Some people are allergic to certain deodorants or laundry detergents. When detergents or lotion come in contact with the armpit, an allergic reaction occurs that causes lumps to appear under the armpit. The type of rash resulting from these reactions is called contact dermatitis. Eruptions in the armpits caused by allergic reactions that are minor and temporary. Therefore, rashes caused by deodorants or laundry detergents disappear after a short period of time if one is not using the detergent or deodorant that causes the allergic reaction.

Stress of the muscles

The distension of the muscles can cause pain in the armpit. People who participate in sports and lift weights are prone to this cause of underarm rashes. There are two types of muscles that are involved in causing pain in the armpits. They include coracobrachial and pectoralis major. The coracobrachial muscle is in the upper arm. Throwing sports such as javelin throwing and baseball can make muscles tense. The pectoralis major is a large thoracic muscle that runs toward the shoulder. Lifting weights and playing sports can cause this muscle to stretch and cause pain in the armpits.

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The varicella zoster virus (one) Spread an infection called shingles. The infection not only causes rashes in the armpit, but also in other parts of the body such as the chest and the back of your body. The rashes caused by this virus tend to be scaly and uncomfortable.


Some diseases expose an individual to underarm rashes, such as breast cancer, measles, mumps, escarole, scarlet fever, and meningitis. The rashes caused by the following diseases tend to disappear once the diseases are treated.

Swelling of the lymphatic glands

Lymphatic fluid helps fight infections in the body. The lymph nodes or lymph nodes produce lymphatic fluid. The lymph nodes are mainly concentrated in the armpits, exposing everyone to lumps in the armpit. In case there is a blockage in the lymph nodes, the lymph nodes tend to swell and cause lumps under the arm. The lumps resulting from inflammation of the lymph nodes tend to be painful. However, some infections, such as the flu, can also affect the lymph nodes to become inflamed.

Extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions, such as extreme cold and extreme heat conditions, can cause rashes under the arm. These types of shoots tend to be scaly or reddish. These types of eruptions are temporary, so they disappear with the change in extreme weather conditions.


Since underarm rashes can be painful and uncomfortable, treatment is of great importance. As there are several causes of outbreaks, as mentioned above, the diagnosis of underarm rashes (two) It can be complicated. However, this does not mean that underarm rashes are not curable. The following treatment measures can be taken to eliminate underarm rashes.

Take advantage of using irritants.

As mentioned above, one of the causes of underarm rashes is allergens. A person should identify deodorants or lotions that cause allergic reactions in the body in the body and take advantage of them. Also, some people are allergic to certain foods. Allergic reactions, in turn, result in underarm rashes. It is recommended to anyone who has an allergy to deodorant or lotion, food, materials such as reaction to metals to avoid anything that may cause allergic reactions in their bodies.

Avoid scratching the affected area

Some rashes are irritating and tempt a person to scratch. As some rashes are the result of an infection, as mentioned above, scratching can expose a person to a risk of spreading the rashes. Also, scratching the affected area can make the rash situation worse.

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In addition, another applicable treatment method is the use of medications. In this case, a person should consult a doctor. Since one of the causes of underarm rashes is the use of the antiviral by the Varicella-zoster virus, drugs can be taken to fight the virus. In addition, underarm rashes can also be bacterial. In this situation, antibiotics are preferable. Oral medications can be used, as well as topical antibiotics, depending on the cause of underarm rashes. However, some rashes are very painful, therefore, one should seek medical attention to keep under control the signs and symptoms of underarm rashes.

Relax and rest

As discussed earlier, underarm rashes may result from distension of the muscles. In these situations, an individual is advised to stay away from activities that cause tension in the muscles. When an individual is resting, he or she can use ice to help relax the muscles. Moreover, relaxing helps an individual to resist scratching.

Treatment of diseases that cause underarm rashes

Infections can be a cause of underarm rashes. In the case of such situations, a person must deal with the disease that is causing the appearance of underarm rashes. For example, a person suffering from measles may have underarm rashes and treating the disease will help get rid of these rashes.

Home remedies to treat underarm rashes

There are several home remedies, as well as tips to prevent underarm rashes. Home remedies are the immediate natural forms that one uses without a doctor's prescription or supervision. Therefore, the armpit rash may or may not be treated at home, in conditions where the armpit rash has not been affected intensely, then there are home remedies to help you treat the rash using ingredients that you may have access in your home. For example;

The consumption of foods rich in vitamin C

It is recommended to consume more vitamin C. The vitamin is found in popular fruits such as lemons, oranges and even tomatoes. This vitamin helps fight skin infections. Most people would prefer to cut the lemons and apply the juice to the skin of the armpit, thus killing the bacteria with the citric acid present.

Use of ice cubes

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